Mount Shasta

Winter Solstice Light Code Activation Retreat| Mount Shasta Galactic Edition

December 17-21st, 2023



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Join Roxy + Karen + Maria for a Winter Solstice Sacred Light Code Activation RETREAT in the mystical sacred lands of Mount Shasta. 

This retreat will be one of sacred ceremony, honoring the winter solstice traditions, and create sacred rituals to soar into the new year with intent, clarity, purpose, and DNA lightbody upgrades. 

The winter solstice is a time of quiet energy, where you get the opportunity to look within yourself and focus on what you want and what you truly need. It's a time to set goals and intentions for the coming year, to examine and let go of our past, and to make changes within ourselves. This is a powerful and sacred time of creating a ritual harnessing the power of the energy of this time which is about the soul awakening. 

This retreat is the perfect way to celebrate yourself, nourish your soul, celebrate Yule, the solstice, and to harness the energetic power of the sacred vortexes on the land. The retreat will purify your vessel to harness the energetic upgrades.    

The retreat will be a powerful activation to the next level of your magick. 

Retreat will include:

 -Heart Opening Cacao Ceremony

- Native drum ritual + flower offering ritual to honor the land 

- Winter Solstice Shamanic Sound journey  

- Plant based meals paired with the intention of the intention of renewal, rebirth + purification to connect deeply with the energy of the winter solstice

- Daily herbal infusions teas to support your energetic upgrades

- Higher Self Initiation ceremony

- Light code + DNA activations 

- Sacred ceremonies on the mountain 

- Yin + Shamanic Sound Journey 

- Evening Alchemy Sound healing

- Sun + Star Code Activations

- Ancestral healing 

- light language activation + learn your Starseed origination

- Cosmic galactic fairy Unicorn Onesie Ecstatic dance party 

- Group Akashic reading with soul star Kate + Karen 

- Five-year quantum leap acceleration workshop 

- Bayberry NY candle ritual

- Blue Lotus Pineal Activation

- Galactic name initiation ceremony

- Stargaze as we connect with ET star family 

-Closing ceremony 

-Connection to lifelong soulmates and like-minded community, priceless

Symbolism of Winter Solstice 

For many cultures around the world, the winter solstice is the shortest day of the year and the longest night of the year and signals a powerful transition point between seasons that is so powerful as it is symbolic of the rebirth of the sun. The solstice has been celebrated and revered in ancient civilizations, indigenous cultures, and various religions, all of which have their own rituals for connecting with the power of this energy as it is symbolic of regeneration, renewal, and self-reflection. 

In Pagan times the winter solstice was referred to as Yule and was a celebration of the Goddess (Moon) energy. It was believed that on this day, the moon would give birth to the sun. The birth of these higher beings at this time of the solstice was symbolic of the birth of the spiritual sun within, that we are not separate from the creator, as we have been conditioned to believe to feel that we are less than divine beings.

This time of year, is one of the biggest Pleiadian light body DNA upgrades, as we create sacred space to receive these upgrades, your life will also take shifts to match these changes in your cellular structure. We are in a time of soul reawakening, and love evolution. 

Retreat dates: December 17-21st, 2023


Investment in Self // Room type

Pleiadian Comm•Unity Loft - [ 6 spaceships available]

Top Bunk Beds- twin solo

Twin solo occupancy- $1,444.00 -2 spaces available 

Bottom Bunk Beds- full

Full bed double occupancy - $1,222.00 - 4 spaces available  


Full bed single occupancy -$1,666.00 - 2 spaces available 


Cosmic Starship [ 2 spaceships available]

Queen bed shared - $1,777.00 / per person - 2 spaces available


Queen bed solo - $2,900.00


Cosmic yasssss I want to register!!


Galactic Starship Master [ 4 spaceships available ]



Queen bed shared  - $1,999.00  / per person - 2 spaces available


Queen bed solo -  $3,00.00

King bed shared  - 2200.00  / per person - 2 spaces available


King bed solo -  $3,300.00


This initiation gathering is limited to eleven (12) cosmic souls, space is limited. 

If you would like to room /// share a bed with someone in particular, please send us their name. Otherwise, we let the stars decide. 


Payment Options available


Pay in full or - two split payment options available.

**Split payment option additional $111.00 admin fee**


First payment due at time of booking - $555.00

Second payment // balance due- December 10th

Space is limited. Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this retreat. You may apply by emailing, lightworker@ceremonymeditation with your name and contact information requesting the application and it will be emailed to you. 


Available to pay in two installment payments, email for payment options.



Cosmic yasssss I want to register!!


This retreat is an initiation to fully embody your divine self as it will support you in integrating all the lessons in your life to show up in 2023 in a powerful way. Roxy, Karen + Maria will hold space to connect with the land and hold space to perform sacred rituals and ceremonies to expand your energetic field to receive DNA lightbody upgrades to allow you to remember all your gifts that you hold. 2023 more now than ever is a powerful time of sharing your LIGHT, and RE-alignment, RE-assessment, RE-activation, in tuning in with RE-membering who you are as a cosmic infinite soul. Share your divine light sweet child of the cosmos, now is the time. 

  Transportation: Transportation is not included; you are responsible for getting yourself to the retreat venue. 


If you’re driving from Los Angeles, it is approximately 8 hours to Mount Shasta on the 5 freeway.


If you are flying, Redding is the closest airport to Shasta and is 1 hour away by car. You would need to rent a car and drive from Redding to Shasta.


There is also Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and San Francisco International (SFO) Airport. SFO is approximately 5 hours from Mount Shasta and SMF is approximately 3 hours from Mount Shasta.



Space is limited. Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this retreat. 

Terms and conditions and cancellation policy
Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By paying for the retreat, you agree to all terms and conditions. No cancellations/refunds 30 days (for any reason) from the start date of the retreat (Start date: August 25th, 2023). We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.




The world is going through a collective awakening and we are all being called to step forth in an unapologetic way as our true authentic self to share your light, your love, your voice.  If you are looking to gain more tools, receive clarity to step into your souls highest calling  in a powerful way and to enhance and strengthen your connection with the divine join us for this sacred excursion in the sacred land of NuLemurian Heart Center . This summer solstice ritual is a remembrance and initiation into the world of the mystics as we learn and embody the art ritual and ceremony.  Join us as we journey to this magical place.



Meet our Galactic Facilitators 

Karen Weitz


Maria Dimakos


Roxy Ghoraishy