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'The Journey of Awakening' by Roxy on Evertalk TV

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Meet Anne Marie Martinez, international spokesperson, host and conscious lifestyle branding specialist. She shares on bridging the world of entertainment and wellness to bring healing into the industry. A true visionary and connecter she utilizes all her gifts in bringing change into the world.

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Dropping in with the cosmic galactic multi-dimensional soul + Digital Shaman, quantum healer, past life regressionist + so much more Alexander @mendeluk on ‘ The Journey of Awakening ‘ on @evertalktv with @roxyghoraishy . .... ‘ the key is we are all healers’ ........ On this episode Alexander shares about what shifted his path from having a very successful fashion line and career to his path of being a quantum healer + past life regressionist + supporting the awakening + empowerment of the collective consciousness. He speaks about how both science + quantum healing are coming together to prove what powerful transformations take place when we truly tap into our ability to heal ourselves when one can uncover the root cause of suffering. He shares on how past life regression allows one to get to the core of uncovering any trauma from this lifetime or another to heal. He shares stories on miraculous healings from blindness to cancer and so much more from past life regression healings. . A true beacon of light, Alexander and his beloved 👑 queen @shayoon_ have created The Lightforce Center @thelightforcecenter in Ibiza to bring a healing and conscious community center for the evolution of consciousness through the power of education and media to spread the message globally. This has been a huge topic on the past couple of shows, healing through sound, quantum and other modalities to really share the power of our innate ability to heal without taking medication, pharmaceuticals which have numerous side effects and are just treating the symtom and not the root cause of the dis-ease. Grateful to share ‘ The journey of Awakening’ for both him and his beloved @shayoon_ . Link in bio for full episode. Follow 👉🏻 @mendeluk. 👉🏻@thelightforcecenter

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Welcome to the journey of awakening  sharing the journey and  leading a life of purpose.

My next guest Shayoon is a beautiful power house goddess soul sister, author , healer, channler, mother to baby Aaya , innovator, creator  of life force center —here to bring forth her ancient wisdom. 

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( Dr. Sada Simran - Clinical Psychologist, Kundalini Teacher, Spiritual Teacher, Doula and so much more, she shares on what quitting her corporate job looked like and the road that led her down discovering her purpose. ) 

On this episode is Dr. Sada Simran PHD, clinical psychologist, Kundalini Teacher, Doula, spiritual teacher, On this episode she shares how on how in a blink of an eye after hearing of her fathers passing she quit her corporate job, as the last conversation she had with him he asked her was ' are you happy?'. From this point she realized she wasn't quit her highly successful corporate job and went down the journey of rebirth, to find herself to find community, and to find what truly made her happy. Her journey is one of inspiration and part of why Dr. Sada truly is such a magical teacher with the wealth of knowledge she holds. She shares on the Ceremony Teacher training program, and how this particular program can really guide one on thier path of discovery thier deep gift and living thier dharma. Grateful to share Dr.Sada's story in hopes of inspiration, and reflection.

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( Jeralyn Glass - Alchemy Sound Healing Master speaks on sound is the medicine as it has been used by the ancients for hundreds of years for healing. p.s. did i mention she has a Hathor Alchemy Sound Bowl ) 

My personal obsession with Alchemy Sound healing was inspired by my dear friend and beautiful soul, Jeralyn Glass who is an extraordinaire Alchemy Sound healing master, Singer, vocal coach. She is active in the medical community bridging the gap between science and spirituality as she has created vibrational healing programs for the Cancer Support Community in California. She shares on her journey of being an Oprah singer and sound healer and how the death of her son for years ago lead her down this journeyof deep healing through these crystal sound bowls. Jerlayn shares her deep wisdom on sound medicine and the beautiful healing personally went through with sound. Having such an impact in her own life she travels the world holding Alchemy sound concerts, trainings and healing. She is a true master of sound and connecting with the angelic crystal kingdom. If you are interested in learning about sound Jeralyn is an amazing teacher, friend and guide.

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( Nadav Wilf  - Climate activist + investor + co-founder of Imiloa retreat center sharing his journey of awakening to living a fulfilled life with purpose ) . 

My favorite part of sharing the stories of my soul family on @evertalktv is to share ‘the journey of awakening’, and to show that at any age in your life you can completely shift the direction of your life. Everyone’s journey of awakening looks different and that’s why I like to share these stories. I’m so grateful to he surrounded by soul family who are creating waves of social impact in the world from a place of L O V E . ❤️💖❤️ ‘ what inspired you to open up Imiloa institute ? ‘ My guest in this weeks episode is @nadavwilf Nadav Wilf co-founder of Imiloa institute. A former Bruin and chemical engineer he had hit the peak of his career in business and was partying like its 1999- ( quoting Prince - for those of you that missed that.) He woke up one day to realize that he had everything he could ever want but felt unfulfilled . Fast forward to open eye meditation in a park, and receiving a profound message from a frog, the frog shared ‘ it’s time for you to live in nature, and until you do look at people as nature.’ . He moved to Costa Rica where he worked remotely and ran his businesses remotely and had the best quarter in his career. Stars aligned shortly after he connected with his partner @jakesasseville And one year later @imiloainstitute was brought to life. The center was created to have a place where people can feel at home in thier transformation focused on nature and built from love . Imiloa institute was created with a vision to bring masters together to bring together community in the heart of nature. They have been open for over a year and already are booked through the end of 2020. I loved hearing Nadav’s journey as he operates from such a heart centered space and does this in all that he creates with his coaching businesses and friendships and so much more. 👁🕉🦋On a side note: beyond excited to be collaborating with my sisters @iamdaniellepaige @yoga_by_rony to bring the most EPIC 2020 NYE retreat at @imiloainstitute 👉🏻visit @ceremonymeditation for more info.

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Laura Grace Wilde ( Bringing quantum sports healing + meta physical bio alignment as she brings a holistic approach to healing athletes to the LA Clippers, NBA, NFL, MLB  ) 

Grateful to have my dear friend Laura Grace Wilde who is the Mindset Performance coach for the NBA as she works with the Clippers, NFL, MLB in which she created quantum sports medicine and bio metaphysical alignment as a healing modality. I LOVED sharing her story because not only is she one of the most profound healers I know with such a wealth of knowledge she is connected with the cosmic intelligence of the divine. She shares on her journey of what these modalities are and what led her to create this type of healing modality. We are the medicine as she shares how to treat any disease or injury at the ‘ root cause’ of the issue not just taking medicine to treat a symptom. Laura talks about taking a deep dive to get to the core of what ‘ issues’ are causing injuries, pain, blockages in ones energetic system. ( YASSS she is speaking my language, and im still blown away by those that don't look at healing in an energetically. ) She explains that when an athlete sprains it’s ankle it’s not just the injury as this is a ‘symptom’ of what is taking place in the athletes life in which they are not feeling supported or grounded and/ this may be energy that is stored in the body from a previous trauma. This brings so much joy to my heart when I can witness holistic and energetic modalities for healing in all types of industries. Laura also speaks about healing as no one is here to save you so remember you are your own healer. A healer can simply hold space to bring to light what needs healing and it’s up to you to heal. Grateful to share her story of how she is making impact in the universe !

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Riz Mirza ( trance channeler, psychic medium + shaman ) 

On this episode of 'The journey of Awakening' meet this incredible human soul Riz Mirza. He is a internationally known trance channeler, psychic, medium + shaman. He channels over 100+ spirit guides with his main guide being red eagle. On this episode he shares his journey of what led him down this road and evolving from being a music artist to now shaman. He works between the dimensions to hold space for deep soul healing, allowing for those he works with to heal and awaken to thier true gifts within. He holds weekly channeling sessions called the Circle of light at 'The Red Eagle Manor' in Malibu in wish the messages that come through for the group are always so deep and profound. For more on Riz, watch full interview above.

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Aarona Lea ( founder of the moon deck, tapping into your intuition through ritual)

On this episode meet Aarona Lea she is the founder of The Moon Deck ( my favvv oracle ), a teacher, speaker, author, ritualist, and cosmic ray of light. On this episode Aarona shares her vision behind the creation of The Moon deck, what inspired her and how she has used it as a tool for healing and transformation. She truly embodies her multi dimensional soul and radiates her magick and her love of ritual and sacred ceremony while holding space for others to truly step into their power. A true goddess tapped into her divine essence of magic that she creates in all that she does.

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Kiley Mac ( mental health is wealth )

On this Episode meet Kiley Mac she is a teacher and healer with over a decade of experience in reiki, emotional freedom technique, yoga therapy and crystal healing. Kiley shares her journey of healing herself and traumas from a bad car accident at a very young age. Treating her chronic pains through the practice of meditation, yoga therapy and natural healing. She guides others in learning these techniques to live a life free of pain and to really tap into the subconscious to release old stories that are causing traumas in the body. Kiley is a powerful light beam who's intuitive magic you can't escape from. Grateful to walk this path of love with her. 

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Megan Zimring ( evolving into your authentic self through deep healing with community )

On this episode me the beautiful Megan Zimring, founder of Liberation Dojo and the Jaguar Collective. She is a ceremonialist and here to bring transformation to paths of those she encounters. To hear more about living in your truth, and authentic self and what that looks like listen to this episode. She shares her gift and blessing of her shadows and what transformation came through this time.Her story will inspire you to live your authentic truth, unapologetic and free.

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Brooke Feamster ( founder of the Art of Flow oracle + spreading the message of love through artistic expression)

Meet my soul*star Brooke Feamster, creator of Art of Flow intuitive oracle, and a true artist who transfers love through art. On this episode Brooke shares her journey from being an attorney, as well as her career in commercial real estate, and what inspired her to follow her true passion of artistic expression. Being color blind she shares her story of connecting with the vibration of color through the energy she connect with. And wait did i mention she has the best oracle deck, which she shares how to use it in your daily practice and ritual? What is your daily ritual. May her story inspire you to do what you LOVE, always and forever and to know that creation is an endless process with infinite possibilities. Keep shining sister.

Roxy Ghoraishy from EverTalk TV on GoodMorning Lala Land with Dr. Erin, Jezlan, and Rob Mac.

Roxy Ghoraishy ( summer solstice, a time to turn your light within )

The time of the solstice is a time to shine your radiant love + light out into the world. It’s the time to turn with in and create gain strength and power from within to walk the path of truth, in alignment with your deepest hearts desires. It’s an energetic gateway, bringing down high level of energetic frequencies to support us on our expansion. On this episode on Goodmorning Lala Land hear about why the summer solstice is such a powerful energetic portal. Roxy shares on the Summer solstice event that Ceremony meditation X Fit and Fly partnered on hosting a retreat at La peer Hotel in West Hollywood to create a mid year reset to release, reset to feel empowered and renewed.

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Tanya Khani (bridging the gap between media + consciousness to help bring change in the world )

On this episode of 'The journey of Awakening' meet Tanya Khani PR to the conscious leaders of our industry to bridge the gap between media to share messages that are making impact and bring healing into the world. She is here to spread message to bring more light into this world. Tanya speaks about her journey of what led her to this career path and how an astrology reading really shared her souls blue print on what her life path is. She is dedicated to bringing more awareness to the topics that are impactful, meaningful, and to stir things up to bring change. Grateful to share her journey on this episode.

Monique Bebanou from EverTalk TV on Vimeo.

Monique Bebanou ( soul activation through the power of song + sacred ceremony ) 

On this episode meet Monique Bebanou she is a singer, songwriter and performance coach, and alumni of 'The Voice'. She uses voice as a form of healing, chakra alignment, activation, and empowerment. She shares on her journey that led her on this path in doing what she loves.

Caroline Pinal from EverTalk TV on Vimeo.

Caroline Pinal ( creating social impact in the real estate world )

Meet Caroline Pinal my dear friend and co-founder of Giveback Homes a business focus on social impact and creating partnerships with real estate companies to raise money to build homes for those in the United States and Internationally. On this episode Caroline shares her journey of what inspired her to start this business with her partner Blake at the age of 25 (yessss ) to bring social impact to the real estate community. Both coming from Tom's shoes and being able to be fortunate and travel to distribute the shoes to those that were getting the shoes donated she noticed what a need there was for housing in seeing what poor condition families were living in. She has helped bring together community to build over 200 + homes and focus's on homebuilds both locally and internationally. Watch this episode to hear how you can get involved and make impact in your local and international community. Work with passion, purpose and cause. Thank you for being such an inspiration.

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Desire Lanz ( tapping into ones intuition + Akashic records ) 

Meet the very beautiful soul and one of the lightworkers at Ceremony meditation living a life of purpose and making impact in the community. On this episode Desiree shares her journey of awakening, advise on how to strengthen intuition, being a spiritual healer, and with sharing sample of an Akashic reading with Roxy. If you are interested in taking one of Desiree's class or book a private reading please check out our workshops tab. 

Josefina Bashout from EverTalk TV on Vimeo.

Josephina Bashout ( empowering women through sexual wellness ) 

Meet Josephina Bashout, on this episode of Ceremony. Josephina is a priestess known for her work in women's empowerment and sexual wellness. She has coached hundred of women, worldwide, empowering them in shedding past experiences, and how to tap into their infinite potential and transform the way they feel about themselves so that they can experience a new life filled with pleasure, success and deeper love connections. Watch this episode to hear her journey of awakening and turning her deepest wound into her catalyst for deep healing, change and empowerment.

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Roxy Ghoraishy, Sada Simran, Nikki Starr ( facilitator teacher training program 2019 - step into your power ) 

choose a job you love and never work a day in your life. so grateful to be able to walk this journey with my soul family, and do what feeds my soul. . the journey of teaching is an endless road of being a student and is one of the beautiful gifts of teaching and constant self discovery. . i am grateful to be facilitating with my sisters @drnikkistarr + @dr._sada our first Teacher training program (TTP) @ceremonymeditation . we have created this 9 month program to be unique in so many different ways in combining all our teachings, lineages and backgrounds to bring diversity to this training program. we have curated a program to activate the healer + teacher within and learn different modalities of meditation, breathwork, sound healing, ritual, sacred ceremony, self care, divination, energy clearing, kundalini, reiki, magic just to make a few. this program launches in one month, and will lead your on a journey of self discovery and empowerment to align with your true self . . thankful to be able to share on @goodmorninglalaland with @robmackofficial @jezlan on @evertalktv for ‘ Transformation Tuesday ’ about this offering . . what transformation are you looking to make? are you living your highest excitement and leading a life of purpose? are you looking to expand your practice ? . this program is designed to help you go through a journey of self discovery, healing, empowerment and transformation. whether you are already in the healing arts, or just beginning and interested in becoming a facilitator, to expand your practice of ancient teachings this program is just that. for more info please visit below.

Lizzie Brown from EverTalk TV on Vimeo.

Lizzie Brown ( innovating the way to s tart your day with yoga wake up app ) 

Meet Lizzie Brown founder of Yoga Wake up App the app designed to namaste your way out of bed, centered and focused. On this episode hear about the inspiration behind creating this app, and the journey of Lizzie. Having a back round in PR and a love of yoga she infused her two passions and created what she felt was missing. In a fast passed world our morning practice and ritual is the most important one and sets the tone for the rest of the day. Innovations meets inspiration.


Danielle Paige from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Danielle Paige ( discovering your souls blueprint through the language of the stars, astrology )

In this episode of Ceremony by Roxy, meet goddess, astrologer, healer, activator of one's soul purpose Danielle Paige. She shares her journey of 'awakening', which started after being dumped in Paris on her 30th birthday. This was the start of her awakening and realizing her MBA in design architect and her profession wasn't feeding her soul. A true keeper of ancient wisdom and esoteric knowledge she shares about astrology, astro hack, 2019 forecast and how you can learn more about your soul purpose and why you came here through astrology- how amazing is that?. She also holds online courses called 'ASTRO HACK', and holds retreats across the globe. Astrologia means 'telling of the s t a r s ', it was all written in the stars before we were born. This is an episode you must watch as she shares her wisdom + truth.

Celeste Iuul from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Watch this episode of Ceremony to hear Celeste share the story behind the creation of Celestival, a fusion of festival + workshops bringing together community so support one another in healing, growth, transformation, and discovering your soul purpose. She created Celestival from what she felt was need to help support the community and evolution. A shear vision and idea of inspiration manifested to life. She shares on how meditation truly impacted her life and what has came to fruition since then.


Erin Fall Haskell from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode meet Dr. Erin, doctor of divinity, new thought leader, international best-selling author, and women's transformational coach, and an author of 'Awakening', mother, and CEO of Soulciete, and one of the amazing hosts of Good Morning Lalaa land. She shares on her journey of awakening and calling to the creation of Soulciete and building a platform to empower women in entrepreneurship and spiritually. As we hold space as a community of light, we can truly make impact in the world.

Susy Markoe Schieffelin from Focus TV on Vimeo.

In this episode meet Susy Markoe Schieffelin sound healer, reiki master, and beautiful soul all around she illuminates love + light wherever she goes. She shares on her journey of transitioning from the luxury + lifestyle industry, and moving from NYC to LA and discovering her passion for sound healing. She shares with us her magical alchemy crystal bowls and explains the vibration of each and how these frequencies hold space for a deep, cellular level of healing. Her her journey of awakening, and leading a life of purpose, passion + service.

Zee Rojas from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode of Ceremony by Roxy meet Zee Rojas ( formerly known as Zee johnson ). She shares on her journey of transitioning out of commercial real estate and starting her business ' Wild Hearts Agency ' ( totally appropriate for this beautiful spirit ). She shares on her journey, advise on starting a business, re-connecting with he birth mother and so much more. Looking to start a business, but unsure of all the unknowns, this episode is one you won't want to miss to learn what happens when you take that beautiful leap of faith.

Rony Ghoraishy from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode of Ceremony by Roxy, meet Rony Ghoraishy my little big sister. She shares her journey of living a life of passion and purpose and her transitioning from her real estate career to yogi, healer, facilitator of retreats world wide. Passion turned profession, she truly shows you can create a career of anything you love and put your heart into.

Shayoon Mendeluk from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode meet the very beautiful soul Shayoon Mendeluk. On this episode she shares on her journey to Ibiza, her gifts of being a healer, reading aura's, aura photography, he journey into motherhood, natural birth, lotus birth, her natural skin care line, and the creation of Light Force center a healing and educational center on the magical island of Ibiza. Shayoon also shares on the release of her book "Wake Up - a quick guide to getting your spirit together on the journey of awakening. It was such a pleasure sharing her beautiful story in living a life a purpose and in service to others.

John Halloran from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode meet John Halloran, founder of Cryo Soul in Venice. He shares his journey of opening CryoSoul and the many benefits of Cryo and using it as a natural form of healing instead of medicine. Watch full episode to hear of the many benefits of spot cryo treatments.

Nikki Starr from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode of Ceremony by Roxy on Focus TV Network meet Dr. Nikki Starr, medical doctor turned spiritual healer, transformational life coach and facilitator of women's circles. We talk about leading a life of purpose, the journey of awakening, the importance of community, teacher facilitator training in 2019 at Ceremony Meditation and so much more. It was such an honor to hold space with such a beautiful soul and soul sister. Laughter is truly contagious as we barely could get past the opening introduction without bursting into tears.

Elizabeth Flynn from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Meet the very beautiful soul Elizabeth Flynn founder of Wild Women a platform for motherhood, maidenhood, and beyond. She is a meditation + yoga instructor, healer, writer, artist, leader of women's circles, podcast, and mother to baby Earth. In this episode she speaks about her journey into motherhood, what inspired her to create this platform, giving natural birth, the benefits of eating your placenta, and building a community of mothers to support one another and hold space during this period or rebirth and transition from maiden to motherhood. Grateful to have her share her story, wisdom, and love in this episode.

Shamen Durek from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Jump on the lit train with Shaman Durek on this episode. A third generation shaman, a women's empowerment leader, a soul activator, host of Ancient Wisdom Podcast (life changing), and a true keeper of ancient wisdom and knowledge. Such an honor to connect with soul family to share Shaman Durek's journey, purpose, passion, and activating the tribe of light on a massive scale. This episode will discuss shamanism where it started, the great awakening, water healing + activation ceremonies and much much more.



Roxy Ghoraishy from Focus TV on Vimeo.

Join Roxy on Good Morning lalala Land as she speaks with Dr. Erin, Rob Mack + Jezlan Moyet as she shares her journey from over a decade career in real estate to her awakening and the birthing and creation of Ceremony Meditation to the symbolism and ancient wisdom behind the creation of the Zen Crystal Meditation Garden.

Charlotte Victoria from Focus TV on Vimeo.

On this episode meet Charlotte Victoria aka Blu Cosmic Eagle. A true goddess, soul sister, shape shifter, artist, singer, healer, women's empowerment coach, and facilitator of gene key readings. Charlotte speaks of her journey, living her life purpose, and the beautiful mystery she unlocks through her readings amoungst other topics. 

Turn your passion into purpose. Meet Ruben Rojas a beautiful artist, soul. He is one of the co-founders of beautify earth and it has been beautiful to witness him switch his full time career of being a financial planner, to turning his hobby of being an artist into his full time career. He is the beautiful soul responsible for spreading the love all throughout town with his beautiful LOVE, and I AM LOVE murals all throughout town. Watch this episode for the full scoop. Live a life of purpose, and passion and spread love wherever you go - LITERALLY.