Mount Shasta

Sun Code Activation Part II Series Igniting on 1.11

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Join Roxy Ghoraishy virtually from Mount Shasta starting on 01.11 as we connect with the SUN, our galactic core + Orion's system to receive the nourishment + Light Code activations from the central sun from the beautiful sacred vortex of Mount Shasta, where heaven meets earth.
Join Roxy as we go a 6-week journey, as we connect once a week every Wednesday at 12:00 PM (PST) daily for 90 minutes to create ritual and learn about the secrets of the central sun, as we upgrade our DNA, expand our lightbody, and connect to the frequencies that are supporting our evolution at this time.

The central sun is the closest it has ever been to the earth, as this alignment hasn’t taken place in over 12,500 years. Due to this alignment of our central sun to earth, it is upgrading our cellular crystalline lightbody structure like never before. Our sun is a portal that transmits energy from Orion’s system, which is our central sun + galactic core. When we create a daily ritual with the central sun our body absorbs galactic core frequencies into it, which feeds the light body creating alignment + acceleration on our divine path.

This series will activate on 01.11.23 we connect with this portal and continue the transmission for 6 weeks, connecting every Wednesday12:00 PM for 90 minutes. This is a source consciousness attunement, requirements for preparation, dieta and how to prepare for this level of ignition will be emailed after registration.

Date/ Time:
January 11th - February 15th, 2023
Wednesday 1.11
Wednesday 1.18
Wednesday 1.25
Wednesday 2.1
Wednesday 2.8
Wednesday 2.14

Time: 12:00 - 1:30 PM (PST) 3:00 AM (PST) - daily
Energy exchange: $444.00
Option to Pay in Full or Split payment.
1/2 Deposit $222.00 due on registration
Remaining balance due on February 1st, 2023
Requirement: This is a level II course. Pre-requisite is '21 days of Sun coding' part I, which can be purchased for $55.00 for the recording.

Join us as we connect daily, rain, snow or shine to strengthen our inner sun to that of the central sun. Your higher self will thank you. ❤️

With love,
In service to love.
Roxy + Mother Divine Shasta