Mount Shasta

Light Code Initiation Retreat Mount Shasta | Summer Solstice Edition


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Join Roxy Ghoraishy for one of the most powerful times of the year for the 'Summer Solstice Lightcode Initiation' RETREAT for a gathering Mystics, on June 20th-28th, 2022 at 'The Mystic' House in Mount Shasta. This is a 9-day intensive for Holistic Wellness Practitioners, Healers, Facilitators, looking to deepen their practice and activate their energetic lightbody as we connect with sacred portals on the mountain. This is an All-inclusive immersion to take a deep dive to expand your practice of ceremony and rituals, land blessings, learn new modalities, activate your lightbody, upgrade your DNA, learn the alchemy of sound technology, energy medicine, star technology, Light Language Activation + Soul Re-awakening on the sacred land of Mount Shasta.

This is an initiation to expansion the next level of your highest self, a true remembrance.

This is open for all levels, but mostly for advanced wellness practitioners// healers// facilitators looking to experience Shasta on a deeper level.

In this 9-day initiation you will remember 

  • Sound technology + Energy medicine
  • Alchemy sound healing 
  • Rituals + Magick + Herbs + tinctures 
  • Quantum healing 
  • Star coding + sun coding 
  • Light language activation
  • Light body activation + DNA upgrade 
  • Land offering rituals (Despacho // Balinese ceremony)
  • Hold a ceremonial container 
  • Energy cleansing + protection 
  • Star technology //sun coding // star bathing /// sunrise rituals
  • Intuitive development 
  • Visit sacred portals
  • Summer solstice ritual 
  • Cooking class on sprouting + heathy plant-based meal prep 
  • Full day summer solstice immersion with Paul of Venus + Lightcode Activations
  • Group Akashic reading + integration 
  • Sound Alchemy Shamanic experience in a Sacred portal channeled by Archangel Metatron in a copper pyramid which connects us with the pyramids of Giza 

The Mystic House


    ( minus the snow )  


    Pleiadian Starship Comm•Unit¥ Loft- [ 7 spaceships available]

    2 Bunk Beds + 2 Full beds - Two Twin beds ( upper bunk bed ) 

    1 - Twin solo occupancy ( standalone twin)

    Upper bunk bed Single occupancy - $1,555.00 /per person -2 spaces.
    1 space remaining.

    Stand alone Twin Solo- $1,666.00 - 1 space available

    Full bed double occupancy - SOLD OUT

    Full bed double OR single occupancy -

    Double occupancy - $1,444.00 - 4 spaces
    2 spaces available.

    ( or option to rent out full bed for single occupancy) Single occupancy $1,900.00/per person - 2 spaces available



    Galactic Starship - Master Suite [ 4 spaceships available]

    1 Queen bed shared - $3,333.00 / per person - 2 spaces available -  SOLD OUT 


    Sirian Starship- Master Suite [ 2 spaceships available]

    1 King bed shared - $3,444.00 / per person -SOLD OUT 


    Cosmic Starship - [ 2 spaceships available]

    1 Queen bed shared - $2,444.00/ per person - 2 spaces available - 1 space remaining 

    OR Single occupancy Queen bed solo - $3,300.00

    ***** you can arrive one day before or after retreat date for an additional

    $111.00/ night. Please let out lightworker know at time of booking.


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    This initiation gathering is limited to thirteen (13) cosmic souls, space is limited.

    If you are traveling with a soul family and would like to room /// share a bed with someone in particular, please send us their name. Otherwise, we let the stars align with the universe to assign sleeping arrangements.


    The Initiation details:    

    When: June 20th-28th, 2022 

    8 nights 9 days 

    Check in time after 2PM the 20th

    28th check out time at noon 

    Retreat // Initiation Includes

    • 9 days, 8 nights' accommodations 
    • Organic Plant based meals + snacks + refreshments   
    • All course work material 
    • All supplies for rituals
    • 30 minute quantum healing energy healing session    
    • Full day excursion with paul of Venus 
    • A life changing soul awakening pivotal moment in your life 



    This is open for all levels, men + woman advanced wellness practitioners// healers// facilitators looking to experience Shasta on a deeper level,  to expand their practice and experience the magick and activations through the land and sacred portal of divine Mother Shasta.

    The path of purification and initiation by ‘the universe’ is preparation for spiritual enlightenment, greater happiness well-being, prosperity, success, spiritual responsibility and leadership. It can be a challenging time, yet one filled with many gifts to reach a new level of spirituality. The purification process is that of letting go of deep fears, doubts or questions about our own worth and ability. It can feel confronting to meet these parts of ourselves consciously, yet we cannot let go if we don’t even realize what we are still holding onto within us.

    This initiation will help you release any old energetic frequencies or pain that will not resonate with the higher levels of light that you are preparing to live.

    The initiation is in its final phase when you are able to put your new beliefs to the test, living based on your spiritual principles of unwavering trust, faith, and unconditional love. From here you will rise like a glorious Phoenix, ready for a new life.

    You may apply by emailing, with your name and contact information requesting the application and it will be emailed to you.

    Space is limited to 13. Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this initiation.

    Cosmic Yaaaasssss


    ‘Each one of Roxy’s retreats are more magickal than the next!  I have attended two, and will be attending many more. She has an innate gift of creating a sacred container and holding space for all to go within and connect with Spirit.  Roxy and each of her co-facilitators know exactly what your soul needs and all perfectly align.  Each retreat has been a new journey, to be introspective, to surrender to what comes up.  The energy in Mt Shasta is amazingly intense and assists in pulling out whatever needs attention. It is a beautiful and powerful place to do sacred work.  I left an old version of myself in Shasta, one that did not serve me on a new path that has since been created after leaving the retreat.  The best part of her retreats are the bonds created within the group-deep connections are created and shared in a safe space filled with love, laughter & even tears.  So much love for Roxy, Karen, Maria for opening their hearts & holding space for us all to expand & transform in Shasta, you are truly angels!’ ~ Jessica  " Sunbeam"


    My experience at the retreat was incomparable, hands down this was the most powerful, enlightening and healing retreat I've ever attended, and I've been on a lot! I came last minute after experiencing a heartbreak, and this was just the medicine I needed. I left feeling like a new person with a new outlook. Roxy has such a beautiful and nurturing way of creating a welcoming space that makes you feel seen, taken care of and fully upgraded through her gifts. She is humble, fun and full of unconditional love that seeps through her radiant being, and her energy attracts the most wonderful souls. In both retreats (soon three!) that I've attended with her, I've come out meeting soul sisters who will be in my life forever and felt spiritually and energetically activated after each. Her retreats are always creative, uplifting and you know you will come out a transformed and better person. Thank you for all you do and your magick’ ~ Natalie Holbrook 


    A joke that we had at Roxy’s Costa Rica retreat was that this retreat would ruin all other subsequent retreats for us, because nothing would ever be able to top it. The confluence of the people, location, and space that Roxy and the other co-facilitators held for us was like lightning in a bottle, where everyone there and everything that happened all aligned. Roxy welcomed each and every one of us with open arms, and has continued to be so supportive and encouraging since. She continues to keep her arms open. Roxy is a true multi-hyphenate, and shared so many of her gifts and talents with us throughout the week. Whether through the events and activities that were scheduled, or through the compassion she extended during impromptu chats and hearts to hearts. The friends I had made there will be lifelong friends, and the support and love has extended beyond the retreat as well. I can’t wait to do another retreat with Roxy again soon.’

    ~Tania Setyadi 


    Shasta was my first spiritual retreat and I didn’t know what to expect. I actually had NO expectations. I was open to all that the experience had for me.  One thing I did know for sure is that I would not return as the person I once was.

    I knew that it was time for something to change. I had nothing left inside of me to give myself because I had given it all away. 

    It was time to let soo much go. 

    It is hard to put into mere words the experience I had.

    in the beautiful words of 'Helen Keller',

    “The best and most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or even touched. They must be felt with the heart.” -Devyn