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Reiki Training

Whether you are interested in getting a reiki healing or opening up the gift of becoming a reiki healer, they both have tremendous benefits which are life changing. 

For those of you who are interested in becoming a healer, when you open yourself up to the energy of becoming a reiki healer, it starts a karmic purification process within which helps guide you to be in alignment with your purpose. The shift I’ve seen on those who have taken Reiki training are profound however not all my students that take reiki training want to be healers, which is perfectly okay. It can be integrated in any profession or line of work you are in. Personally I was in a career of real estate when I went through the process of becoming a healer. Everybody has the ability to be a healer. This gift is within us when we are born but in most cases we are not taught as children that this unique gift that lies within.

The biggest reward of Reiki Training and Healing

Seeing the transformation of those that not only take reiki training with them but the ability to witness the deep healing they go through along with those that receive a healing. Reiki is a way to self empower oneself to tap into the power to be a creator of the life you want to live. The most recent healing I had was with a client that had lost both of her grandparents in a matter of two months, her boyfriend of three years broke up with her, she had gained thirty pounds in a matter of months, and felt a downward spiral of her world crumbling apart. I focused on doing a reiki sound healing chakra clearing meditation, calling In the holy Fire II reiki energy to release any energies and negative thought patterns not serving her. After a meditation- sound healing + integration she felt a new light of inspiration and all the heavy energy lifted. It was her birthday the following day and she couldn’t stop thanking me that her chakras were aligned. She is a PA practicing on patients daily in the western medical field and saw a new found light in how to integrate energy healing and start researching in how to do this. I lead her to start with watching the documentary "heal" and further to read the book "The seven stages of healing’ by Caroline Myss".

Reiki energy works on your aura and energetic field known as your chakra system. As you heal and release negative energy, thoughts patterns and stagnant energy this will in turn raise your vibration and frequency. This helps spiritually clearing and re-energizing your energy field just as upgrading your hard drive on your computer. As you raise your vibration, you will feel more in alignment in your every day life. Disease means this dis-ease which is dis-harmony in your body. Being in dis harmony leads to disease. When getting a reiki healing, the practitioner will work on bringing energy to any part of your body that needs it and also releasing and clearing any blockages. Part of the healing process is also working with the client and integrating what type of thought patterns are causing disharmony in one’s life and to shift the way they interpret them. 

Reiki is great for anyone with insomnia, depression, anxiety, stress, high pressure job, body aches, back pain, heart broken, chronic sickness, needing clarity on your path and purpose, students, elders, athletes, yogi, pretty much for everyone. 

Everyone’s journey is different, our hope is to inspire others to live a life they love, filled with passion and purpose, and reiki energy can help give guidance with this.

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