Mount Shasta

Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising C.Ht

“ I am known as a shamanic practitioner, mentor and soul-guide. I activate the original memories that lead you back to your authentic self, which is the only true path to creating abundance, self-love, self-mastery, natural intimacy, joy, bliss, and the ability to always know home right here on Planet Earth.

I was given up early for adoption because I was born to interracial parents who were experiencing racial intolerance and were unwilling to keep me. This sent me on my deepest path of learning.

Being passed off as white in my new home, heavy brainwashing, witnessing the death of my beloved brother when I was 8, bullying, sexual trauma, ultimately surviving a brain hemorrhage (2004) and having tremendous stage fright as top 10 Billboard recording artist Nyee Moses (2008), all forced open my spiritual awakening.

Determined to make sense of these seemingly insurmountable events and my deep abandonment issues, I spent the better part of my life immersed in esoteric mystery school studies with shamans, masters, and mentors that eventually showed me that all of my experiences, the heroine’s journey, was my purposefully designed soul-agreement that carved this special path, making me the leader I am today so that I can help others make sense of their own lives.” 

Founder of Shamanic Beauty: Wellness brand Becoming your own Guru/ Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist/ Shamanic Practitioner/ Past Life Regressionist/ Galactic Channel/ Guided Meditation/Jikiden Reiki Shihankaku/ 

Nyee Moses Top10 Billboard Recording Artist

Galactic Channel/ History Channel Unexplained/ Gaia Interview with E.D.