Mount Shasta

New Moon Light Code Activation Retreat | Mount Shasta | Galactic Edition with Roxy Ghoraishy , Maria Dimakos & Karen Weitz

New Moon Light Code Activation Retreat | Mount Shasta | Galactic Edition

August 25-29th

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Join us for a sacred connection to the land + star family - as we connect at the magical vortex called ‘ Guru Shasta’ in Mount Shasta, California the divine Mother.

Join the beautiful trifecta of Roxy, Maria, and Karen for a powerful fusion of the Taurus New Moon to work with all the elements to create. This retreat is a light code activation //initiation being divinely guided to you right from our star family, the sun, stars and the moon and the divine mother Shasta.

There is a saying when the mountain calls for you, you will know and feel the call to visit. For all those that visit the land with clear intention witness miraculous change in their life.

During this retreat you will have the opportunity to go within and harvest all you created throughout the year. You then get to decide what is in alignment and what is not in alignment for your journey ahead. This is a perfect time to course correct and forge forward, powerfully.

Mount Shasta is known as the divine mother and is the root chakra of Mother Earth which allows us to awaken your kundalini energy. On the highest peaks of the mountains, heaven and earth meet to bring forth a galactic portal for all corners of the multiverse. There is no better place to do this sacred work.

This retreat is an initiation of your higher self. You will connect deeply with your lightbody to receive energetic upgrades, and unlock codes in our DNA that hold your authentic wisdom. We will nourish ourselves through sacred ceremony, purification of our energy field, and raise our consciousness with the support of Mount Shasta’s energy vortexes as Roxy, Maria, Karen hold space for major energetic upgrades.

We will enjoy plant-based nourishing meals that support and nourish our sensitive bodies as we go through the spiritual activations and high-frequency Source light healings.

We will also adventure into a tour of Mount Shasta’s sacred energy vortex sites, perform sacred offerings to the land, receive sun codes, bathe in alchemy sound vibrations all which will allow us to receive life-changing downloads, connect with the cosmic beings who call Mount Shasta home, and connect with the highest version of ourselves to metamorphosis as we allow connection with our star tribes and remember our ancient wisdom lineages.

We would like to personally invite you to experience Mount Shasta like never before to activate your lightbody, connect with soul tribe, align on a deeper level with your higher self, fully become one with nature as you connect with likeminded tribe join us for this five-day intensive submersion into the art of ritual and ceremony. Step into your highest version of self and go deep within your heart space to connect with your divine purpose as we embody transformation and renewal.

Retreat includes:

Accommodations at the picturesque boho chic guru Shasta
New Moon Sound Alchemy + Tibetan Sound + Gong immersion
Opening Ceremony
Water blessing
New moon manifestation collapsing timelines ritual + heart purification cacao ceremony
A day of hiking + light code activations with the magical Paul of Venus on Mount Shasta
Alchemical sound bath journeys
The Galactica Ecstatica Experience - a multi-dimensional ecstatic dance party a la Burning Man-style
Sun Code activations and DNA upgrades
Light language activations
Light Body blessing
Quantum healing
Ancestral healing
Connect with your Galactic Star Family
Stargazing with our star families
Delicious and nourishing plant-based meals with Chaz James
Group Akashic reading with Karen
Closing Ceremony
Connections to lifelong soulmates and like-minded community, priceless.


The intention of this retreat will support you in allowing 2022, to be one of alignment with your soul purpose and a re awakening of one's gifts.

This year has been a powerful time of RE-alignment, RE-assessment, RE-newal, in tuning in with RE-membering who you are as a cosmic infinite soul.

Meet your higher self at the next level of your spiritual evolution. Connect with yourself, nourish your soul, celebrate the new moon, reunite with your star family, and experience the magickal vortexes of the land. It’s time for a quantum leap, say yes.

Retreat dates: August 25-29th at Guru Shasta.
We will also have special guest Paul of Venus guide us to sacred land and hold light code activations.


Investment in Self // Room Type:

Guru Shasta Main House - 3 rooms available

Virgo Room - 3 spaces available:

King bed shared - $1,888/per person -SOLD OUT

King bed shared#2 --SOLD OUT

1 Twin solo - $1,800 -SOLD OUT

Forrest - 4 spaces available:

Queen # 1 bed shared - $1,888/per person - SOLD OUT

Queen #2 bed shared - $1,888/per person
Queen bed solo - $2,900


Alpaca - 2 spaces available: 

( double occupancy ) 
Queen bed shared # 1 - $1,888/per person - SOLD OUT

Queen bed shared # 2  - $1,888/per person - 1 space remaining 


Glamping Tents:
Luxe accommodations - five tents w/shared bathrooms in main home and outdoor cedar showers and bathtub

Shasta Tent - 1 Queen + 1 Twin - SOLD OUT


Queen solo - $2,700- SOLD OUT

Twin Solo - $1,600 - SOLD OUT

Modoc Tent - 2 Twin beds- SOLD OUT

Twin Solo #1 - $1,600 - SOLD OUT

Twin Solo #2 - $1,600 -  SOLD OUT


Boho Chic Cabins:

#1 Large Cabin - 3 Twin beds
Twin solo #1 - $1,777 - SOLD OUT
Twin solo #2 - $1,777- SOLD OUT
Twin solo #3 - $1,777 - SOLD OUT

#2 Large Cabin - 3 Twin beds
Twin solo #1 - $1,777
Twin solo #2 - $1,777
Twin solo #3 - $1,777

#1 Medium Cabin - 2 Twin beds
Twin solo #1 - $1,777
Twin solo #2 - $1,777

#2 Medium Cabin - 2 Twin beds
Twin solo #1 - $1,777
Twin solo #2 - $1,777




Early BIRD: Register by Summer Solstice 6.21.22 to receive $111.00 OFF! If you would like to room with someone in particular, please send us their name. Otherwise, we let the pendulum decide.


Please note that transportation is not included in the cost of the retreat. Depending on your location, there may be an option to carpool.

Payment Options available
First payment due at time of booking - $555.00
Second payment due- June 1st, 2022
Third payment due July 1st, 2022
( depending on time of booking option to split into two - three payments )

Available to pay in two installment payments, email

Space is limited. Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this retreat. Three-month payment plan, email with your name and contact information.

(Pay in full or 2-3 payments - additional $111.00 admin fee for split payments.)

Space is limited. Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this retreat. 

Terms and conditions and cancellation policy
Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By paying for the retreat, you agree to all terms and conditions. No cancellations/refunds 30 days (for any reason) from the start date of the retreat (Start date: August 25th, 2022). We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.



Meet our Galactic Facilitators 

Karen Weitz


Maria Dimakos


Roxy Ghoraishy