Mount Shasta


 October 2021 - March 2022


October - March 2022

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Modern School of Mystics presents a powerful activation to guide you on your path as Dr. Sada + Roxy Ghoraishy hold space to awaken your soul to expand into your highest and fullest expression with the ‘METAMORPHOSIS a course in TRANSFORMATION.’   

We  invite you on a journey as it is a time of mass global awakening, and what this usually means is aligning your path on a deeper level with your purpose. We hold space to support the collective through sharing the power of learning quantum healing to fully embodying your  multidimensional self, through the various modalities of sound, energy medicine, lightbody activation  to embody the highest version of yourself. 


This program will support you energetically with  lightbody activations, DNA upgrades and unlocking lifetimes of wisdom that you subconsciously hold to support you in expanding into your gifts in a powerful way.

Join two powerful leaders as they have created an experience and  an initiation into the world of the mystics through ancient teaching.

This course is designed for you to re-discover yourself on a new level through allowing yourself to go on a journey of soul discovery by:

  • activate your energy lightbody + DNA upgrades
  • energy medicine + biofield 
  • various sound healing modalities including alchemy sound healing,  gong, shamanic drumming, chimes, instruments, bells
  • science of sound 
  • ritual, ceremony, invocation
  • ecstatic dance 
  • creating your brand
  • breathwork 
  • various
  •  meditation + sound healing modalities
  • ancestral healing
  • how to facilitate as a healer / practitioner 
  • lightcode activation
  • chakra Alignment
  • spiritual intelligence 

This offering for those wishing to take a deeper dive into the power of sound and soul discovery for those looking:

- for support during times of change  

- to discover your purpose 

- for like minded community

- into gaining wisdom into the esoteric and mystical realms 

- for support to change your career 

- how to integrate teachings to your current career / lifestyle / platform 

- to become a facilitator 

- to facilitate sound healing

- to use sound to facilitate healing 

- to deepen your understanding of energy medicine

- to deepen your understanding of the healing benefits + power of sound 

- to facilitate rituals and increase your chi

- to awaken the healer within

- to receive DNA light body upgrades  

- to heal ancestral + karmic ties

- to clear subconscious patterning

- to clear past lives

- to deepen your wisdom and practice of ritual and sacred ceremony

- to discover your purpose and how to live authentically from this place

- to create a new path for yourself or expand more deeply into your current path


This program is also for those interested in personal growth and spiritual development. It is a journey of personal discovery. Allow yourself to heal and be supported as you step into your empowered, true authentic self and expand your knowledge and energy. The program is also an opportunity to build a conscious community in service for the greater collective

This program will benefit all levels–from beginning to advanced -wherever you are on your journey this will deepen your understanding and guide you on your path. This offering + activation is great for both men and women who are looking to expand their gifts and learn new ones.




Program Schedule

Module 1: The Lightworker’s Journey of Self Love  

Vibration + Sound - The Healing Path 

  • The Healing Path
  • Optimized Living
  • Rejuvenating from the inside out  - Self-Care
  • Vibration + frequency + sound 
  • Activating your Intuition
  • ( October 23-24)

    Module 2: Lightworker Energy Medicine + Activation - 

  • Energy Education
    Source Connection
  • Light Code Activation
  • Shamanic Sound healing 
  • Lightcode Activation infused with Holy fire II Reiki

  • Activating your lightbody + Purifying the energetic  Vessel

  • Light language activation
  • November (13,14)

    Module 3:

    The Ecstatic Dancing Lightworker -

  • Experience Liberation
  • Experience Somatic Healing
  • Release through movement and voice
  • (November 20,21) 

    Module 4: The Ritualist + Ceremonialist Lightworker -  

  • Candle + Moon Magick
  • The Elements of Ritual
  • Psychic Protection
  • Using sound healing/ drumming/ chimes to clear space + magnify your intentions
  • (December 11,12)
  • Module 5 ( RECORDED )

    The Meditated Lightworker

  • Activating your lightbody + Purifying the energetic vessel
  • Shattering the Illusion
  • Strengthening the Mind
  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • Sound as a meditation tool 


    Module 6: The Sound Healer Lightworker Activation  - part I

  • Alchemy Sound Healing 
  • Crystal healing with sound 
  • Vocal activation + toning  
  • Drumming + Mantra
  • The science of the Gong 
  • Brass percussion
  • Crystal Harp of the Angelic Realm


    **  January 8-9

    **  This module is recommended to be in person 


    Module 7: The Sound Healer Lightworker Activation  - part II + The Space Holder

    Creating a Healing Container                           

    Crystal healing with sound 

    Vocal activation + toning 

    Group Facilitator Training

    Community Building

    Shamanic Healing with Sound 

    Preparing a workshop 


     ( January 22,23) 



    Module 8: The Rebirthed Lightworker + Sweat Lodge-

  • Prayer 
  • Medicine Wheel +  labyrinth ceremony 
  • Symbolism sweat lodge + Rebirthing Ritual
  • Preparing for your practicum 

  • ** Sweat lodge recommended to be in person

    ( February 5,6) 

    Module 9:  The Mastermind Lightworker + Activating your Brand  - ( RECORDED )

    Activate YOUR Goals.

  • Components to create an online practice
  • Steps to building a business practice 
  • Creating a Healing Container
  • Group Facilitator Training

    Module 10: The Activated Guru -  

  • Activate the Guru Within
  • Share Your Gifts
  • Be of Service
  • In this module you will share what you learned and guide us in a class or ritual of your choice as you step into your role as a teacher and facilitator.

    (Feb 19, 20)

    Module 11: The Culmination -

  • Closing Circle
  • Gratitude activation 
  • Graduation
    ****  Graduation in person ***

    (March 5th, 6th)

    REQUIREMENT: Open to celestial souls of ALL  levels. This course is great for everyone from the beginner to advanced lightworker . The course is curated for a deepening of your practice, to hold sacred space for energy healing, facilitating, circle work, ceremony, ritual, and various modalities of meditation. The course is an energetic activation to uplevel your energy field to connect on a deeper level with source energy .  

    These teachings will be a combination of pre-recorded / virtual course offerings, with the option to attend in person for a couple of the modules.

    ** if you are doing the entire course virtually we recommend that you purchase 3 crystal bowls or alchemy sound bowls . 


    Bonuses include: (A value of $3,300.00)

    • Modern School of Mystics access to Instagram LIVE daily courses
    • Holy Fire II - Reiki I and II Certification
    • Light code  + light language activation
    • Sweat Lodge
    • Karmic purification
    • Ancestral healing 
    • Soul retrieval / Past life clearing 

    You will be required to attend 22 virtual  meditation courses , sound or ecstatic dance classes before the end of the program. There will be an online classroom component, reading and assignments.

    The Sound Alchemist Healer Training + Activation meets over 6 months –

    October 2021 through March 2022


    This course is a level I + level II training course with completion of the course both level I + II you will receive a 200H certification Ceremony Facilitator Practioner.  

    Option to take one or both or the courses. Completion of the level I course makes you eligible to complete the 200H certification at a later date if desired to receive a levels I + II certification.

    2021-2022  MODULES & DATES


    Module 1 - (October 23,24) 

    Module 2 - (November 13,14) 

    Module 3 - (November 20, 21) 

    Module 4 - ( December 11,12 )

    Module 5 - (recorded

    Module 6- (January 8,9) 

    Module 7 - (January 22,23) 

    Module 8 - (February 5,6)

    Module 9 - ( recorded )

    Module 10-(Feb 19, 20)

    Module 11 - (March 5,6)

    ( **two of the above modules are recorded ) 

    Times: We meet Saturday & Sunday from

    8:30  to 6:00 pm with 1.5 hour lunch break.

    Investment in self

    Level I / Level II / OR COMBINED Level I + II 

    Level I Certification - 100H Certification

    Modules 1 - 5  

    These modules are curated for deep levels of healing and activating your lightbody and learning how to facilitate healings with sound amongst various other modalities.

    Level 1- 100 H Certification  Modules 1-5 


    Level II S- 200 H Certification - Modules 6-11

    Level II $2,444.00


    Self Mastery - Level I + II 

    Level I + II = $4,400.00 


    Payment Plan Options:

    Level 1: $2,333.00

    Option to pay in full or split into two payments of $1,222.00 / each.

    Modules 1 - 5

    Level II $2,444.000 

    Option to pay in full or split into two payments of $1,333.00 / each.

    Modules 6-11

    Level I + II = $4,400.00 

    Option to pay in full or split into two payments of $2,200.00 / each.

    *** OR monthly payment plan options are available upon request

    For more information or to register please email +


    To register please click on the link below or email us. 

    Only 33 spots available. Activate your spot today.  

    Make this the year you activate your light and raise your vibration to that of pure love to be a magnet to attract all that you wish to create in this lifetime.  This course is a beautiful activation and remembrance of gifts that we hold within our DNA from all of our lifetimes. 


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    ‘’The Sound Healing module was one of my favorites!  That weekend was honestly the most incredible experience, one that will stay with me forever!! When we utilized the sound of the drum combined with breathwork, I literally purged generations of trauma from my mother’s lineage. I was completely out of my body. The sound bowls and the gong were so soothing!  I remember driving back just singing. Feeling so happy. And so connected! Sound is magic. Sound is the frequency that reaches places we never realized needed to be touched.’ 

    ~ Diana Tavares

    “The sound activation was so powerful. It was such a blessing to learn new ways to express! Being able to use my voice and experiment with all sorts of different beautiful sounds and instruments felt like a playground! I felt like a kid, not a care in the world, standing in my power and creating magic! I have a new love affair with sound and I could not be more fulfilled and nourished by it.” ~ Megan Find Your Joy

    ‘Ceremony Facilitator Teacher Training was heart opening and heart expanding. The exploration of all the different modalities offered in this program got me in touch with who I am. I was able to tap into what resonated with me and discovered what makes my heart sing.’

    -Angela Palmeria

    ‘The Ceremony Facilitator Teacher Training was a beautiful journey of getting to know myself on a deeper level. The wisdom of the teachers is so inspiring and the space they hold made me feel safe, supported, grounded and loved.’

    -Ann Marie D.

    ‘This testimonial is a shout out to all the men out there to sign up for this course to expand as a light being. This training helped me to develop a self-care program that has enabled me to grow and expand my ability to connect, engage and support others. In this course I got the tools I needed to grow as a person and as a man. I graduated with a profound understanding of my personal sense of the divine masculine, which has given me a deeper comprehension of who I am as a man and brought greater clarity to my relationship to the divine feminine.’

    -L.J. E

    ‘When I signed up for the Ceremony Facilitator Training Program, I expected to learn how to facilitate meditations (for groups & individuals) and create and hold sacred space via ritual and ceremony.  These expectations all came from a very intellectual place.  As most things in my life, I was going to think my way through all the complex spiritual practices and then kill myself to execute them perfectly.  HA!  I laugh when I think back about how little I truly knew about what I was getting myself into.  This is not a program that you can think yourself through or do perfectly. This program is about being and feeling and connecting with all aspects of yourself.  

    What I did not expect or anticipate in this 9-month process of multiple deaths and rebirths, was the radical, heart-opening, emotional and spiritual expansion and transformation I have experienced.  I also never considered what my life would be like with the other 12 souls in the program, who I call family now.  I had an inkling that our teachers were going to be wise and knowledgeable, but again, the teachers in this program are more than teachers. They are mentors, way showers, and spiritual guides.

    The woman who sat on her mat at Ceremony Meditation in April 2019, wanting to *think* her way through spiritual practices and do everything perfectly is gone. This program, my teachers, my fellow students, gave me the courage to be authentically me, to open my heart, to show up and step up as the lightworker and leader I am.’

    ~ Maria Dimakos

    ‘ The pandemic hit me hard and I found myself lost as many did. Roxy (who has been my mentor and guide in both Holy Fire 1 and Holy Fire 2) helped guide me in one of the final stages of Light Code + Holy Fire II Reiki Activations and I couldn’t be more pleased. Everything in my life started falling into place and I aligned my career with something more in alignment with a holistic wellness path. The love and warmth of this transformation and ignition was otherworldly and Roxy as always blew me away with her passion, love and light. Her teachings will resonate with all who choose this path or dabble on this journey. ‘ 

    ~ Rachel Stacey Spa Manager, Director of Surya Spa

    This program will benefit all levels–from beginning to advanced -wherever you are on your journey.