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Meditation Classes Los Angeles

Our meditation classes in Los Angeles, Venice CA. Are suited for the beginning to the most advanced practitioners. We have all different types of classes from mindfulness, to sound bath, to gong bath, to reiki chakra classes, to meet your Future self just to name a few. Our schedule has a detailed description of each class however we believe classes are like crystals in that “the right one will select you” so we suggest trying multiple types of classes. 

Whether you are looking to improve your sleep, improve your relationships with others, self love, align your chakras, release anxiety, shut off your mind, or just have more overall peace in your life… you will always be sure to experience the benefits of meditation.

Five of the 1,000,000 benefits of Meditation

So we all know meditation is one of the most important practices, however how many of us don’t take time to learn the practice? Automatically, what is the first thing that comes to mind when you think about meditation? 99 times out of a 100 I hear “I can’t sit in silence for that long”. Fun fact of the day: meditation is not always about sitting in silence for long periods of time.  There are hundreds of reasons I can list on the benefits of meditation, however to keep it simple, I’ll start with what I found to be the most important top 5, so hopefully it will resonate with those reading this. ENJOY!

  • A Type, can’t shut off your mind? Have trouble sleeping? How many people can relate in the fast world of real estate with so many details? Meetings, showings, driving buyers around to open houses, dealing with agents, escrow, sellers, buyers, negotiations, counters you name it.  All the details and to-do’s that just linger in our mind.  Being in a people oriented industry, we give so much of our time energy to other people, how often do we take time to check-in with ourselves, connect and re-charge within?  Consider the practice of mediation as refilling your own vessel, so that you can continue to go out into the world, give selflessly and gain strength like your own self servicing charging station. This leads me to the next benefit….
  • Manifest the life you desire. Look within. Meditate. We are the creators of our lives. This power doesn’t like with anyone but you. Raise your vibration to the next level. Know that the thoughts we think, feel positive or negative have an impact of what we create in our lives. The foods we eat, drink. Know that eating poorly, drinking alcohol, having negative thoughts all lower our vibration. The practice of meditation and quieting your mind will help you find the answers you seek. Knowing that mediation is not the practice of sitting in silence always. It’s the practice of tuning out the chatter, so you can plug in with your higher self to find the answers that you seek. Not the person next to you, not your psychic, not your mate, but YOU. Know that you are the creators of your own life and reality. You can create the life we wish to live, the opportunities we seek, etc... Staying in a positive, high vibration is key. Become conscious of your thoughts. Everything you think, say or feel becomes your reality. Stay grateful. Be conscious of the foods you eat. Drink water. Practice kindness. Stay active. These are all ways to keep your vibration high.
  • Feeling blocked creatively? Meditate. Your sacral chakra is probably experiencing some blockage. For those of you saying “HUH?” this chakra is located in your lower abdomen, about one to two inches below your naval. The sacral chakra is where all our ideas and creativity stem from. It’s where you learn how to birth and nurture (physically, mentally, spiritually) things into your life. Ways to unblock your sacral chakra are, to take a warm bath with Sea Salt or Himalayan salt, adding crystals will raise the water’s vibrations, work with energy healing, or as simple as shaking your hips or hula hooping. The source of creativity is infinite and this power lies within. I actually got inspired to write this article after a Breath Work class. True story.
  • Need full Mind, Body, Soul connection. Meditate. The practices of meditating connect us with our mind, body and soul. The path of least resistance. Where what you think appears. The right people, the right relationships, the right opportunities being fully aligned. Connecting to the realization that we are not humans having a soul experience. We are souls having a human experience, in which our soul is considered a piece of the Divine, where unconditional love, forgiveness, compassion, peace, happiness and harmony reside.
  • Get rid of that expensive moisturizer. Anti-aging remedy. Meditate. Meditation helps with anti-aging. Dr. Elizabeth Hoge, a psychiatrist and researcher out of Harvard who studies biological changes in the body resulting stress and trauma. Dr. Hoge’s study found that people who meditated daily for at least four years had longer telomeres- the protective caps on the ends of chromosomes- than people who do not mediate. Short telomeres are believed to be markers of accelerated aging.

There you have it in a nutshell. There are obviously numerous benefits of mediation, and you will start to see them immediately! Some people experience alot of psychological benefits in ways of reduced stress and greater happiness with only ten minutes of meditation daily, although most people seem to require around twenty minutes to experience benefits. So when it comes to the question of how much time you should put in to get results? You can’t go wrong. Just pick a number, be consistent, and see the transformation in yourself, and your life.

Sending love & light, all you beautiful lightworkers. Happy Meditating!