Mount Shasta

Maria Dimakos



Maria Dimakos is a beautiful lightworker who chose to come to this gorgeous planet to serve and support souls in remembering their divinity. She works within many modalities and practices Chinese energy healing, morphogenic energy field work, light language, DNA rewriting, sunlight encoding, communication with higher self, Source guides, psychic surgery, and cord cutting. She has melded many modalities to create a healing modality, which is uniquely and authentically her own and one of a kind. 

Maria’s intuitive gifts and background in psychotherapy help her to holistically support the growth and expansion of all those who seek to work with her. She facilitates one-on-one and group experiences to support others in their expansion, spiritual awareness, and remembrance of who and what they really are, and what they are meant to do on this lovely earth dimension we find ourselves. Her guidance is very intuitive and no two sessions are the same. She understands the 3D and the 5D and understand that the spiritual path can be confusing and overwhelming. So here she is, ready and available to support humanity in their journey of ascension.