Mount Shasta

Lightcode Activation + Akashic Training RETREAT in Puerto Morelos || Akashic Edition

September 17th through September 24, 2022

7 nights 8 days in Puerto Morelos Mexico 


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Join Roxy Ghoraishy // Dr. Sada // Rose of Egypt  // Kate Hula tour our Mexico, Puerto Morelos retreat for the Fall Equinox as they hold space to awaken more of your lightbody through the Akashic records, + connecting with the central sun, the stars, the moon, the land and the waters. You will gain a strong foundation to transform in readiness to share your gifts, and remember the wisdom and knowledge that you hold from all your lifetimes. Hear the cosmic yassss and join us on a soul journey to connect with your purpose to live your dharma.

This retreat is very special as it is curated to provide a deep level of self care to bring expansion + DNA activation, past life gifts , and learning how to access the Akashic records and how to use this gift to expand your awareness  . 


The retreat will be an powerful activation  to the next level of your magick


This retreat will include:


 -Opening Ceremony + flower offering to the land 

- Fall equinox Sunset Alchemy Sound Healing  

- Two plant-based meals paired with the intention of the activation + radiance to connect deeply with the energy of the land

- Energetic lightbody activation

- Light code activations DNA upgrades 

- Opening Akashic reading with Kate hula + Rose of Egypt ( virtual )

- Akashic training level I course (  virtual) 

- Sun code activations 

- Lightbody activations level I 

- Morning Yin yoga 

- Initiation Ceremony

- Yemaya water ritual 

- Stargaze as we connect with ET 

- Closing Ceremony 


Retreat includes:

- housing in boho chic hotel 

- plant-based vegan meals lunch & dinner

- Akashic readings + level I training  ( virtual )

- Lightcode Activations + Energy medicine  


Room Type // Investment in Self //

(Prices reflect a 50% discount from previous year!)

King Room / Private Bath

$1,400.00 double occupancy

$1,600 single occupancy

King bed - ( one room  available)



Two-Bed Room / Shared Bath

$1,300 double occupancy

$1,600 single occupancy

Queen Room / Private Bath

$1,300 double occupancy

$1,600 single occupancy


Community Loft ( bunk bed room ) - five single beds in one room with shared bathroom 


Payment Options

Option 1 -  Pay in full 


Option 2 -  Two Payments. First payment of $555.00  is due upon registration, second payment due September 10, 2022.




Open to celestial souls of ALL levels. This course is great for everyone from the beginner to advanced lightworker looking to unlock their gifts.  


Space is limited to 13.  Due to the sacredness of the container being created, all participants need to apply in order to attend this retreat. Please email lightworker@ceremonymeditation if you are interested in attending to receive application. 

Location + Dates 


Puerto Morelos ( outside Cancun )

Fall equinox

September 17th through September 24, 2022


Transportation is not included, you are responsible for getting yourself to the retreat venue. 

If you are flying, fly into Cancun airport.


Flights + transportation are not included in the cost of the retreat, an additional $100.00 to arrange this, to and from airport . 



The world is going through a collective awakening and we are all being called to step forth in an unapologetic way as our true authentic self to share your light, your love, your voice.  If you are looking upgrade and ignite your fire in a powerful way and to enhance and strengthen your connection with the divine to receive guidance in the Akashic & learning the Akashic records and upgrade on a cellular level to feel a sense of divine flow and harmony, in alignment with the plan of the universe this retreat is for you, and have been LIFE CHANGING for so many others! 


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Roxy Ghoraishy is a sound healer and the founder of Ceremony Meditation located in the heart of Venice beach. Her healing and wellness center was created to bring together a conscious community to enhance the practice of meditation, healing, cleansing, self-growth and overall transformation of consciousness.

Roxy is grateful that her community center has attracted some of the most activated, brilliant healers in the industry. Having an extensive background in real estate and as a sound healer + reiki master, Roxy has found a way to merge her two passions of being a healer and her love of business into one.

She is dedicated to living a life of service to others to hold space for healing and transformation as a soul activator, ritual facilitator, and a teacher.

She is the host of ‘Ceremony by Roxy’ on Evertalk TV, a show where she shares the journey of those leading a life of purpose and making an impact in our society, in addition to sharing the journey of awakening and those making social impact in the world.

She is dedicated to living a life of service, passion + purpose and igniting the flame in others. She has a deep love for sharing ancient wisdom, sacred ceremonies, rituals, and works energetically to create space for deep heart healing and soul expansion.

She facilitates teacher training programs, retreats, and workshops to share these traditional teaching methods in order to activate souls to step into their highest + greatest potential.

She has been fortunate to work with ALO yoga mindful masters program along with bringing a series of meditation classes, workshops, and retreats by partnering with ‘ La Peer hotel’ in WEHO to bring wellness into the hotel boutique industry.

Her mission is to spread meditation, daily practice, and ritual to all and bring awareness on the numerous benefits of self healing and empowerment that come with this daily practice. You can follow her on Instagram @ceremonymeditation and @roxyghoraishy









2•22•22 Mount Shasta Light Code Initiation was the most spiritually fulfilling experience. Roxy & Maria are the sweetest souls. They have a way of teaching & guiding people through their spiritual journey without making others feel less than if they aren’t aware of information. I am so grateful that I was able to share space with them & all the other beautiful women at the retreat. I recommend everyone experiences at least one of Roxy’s retreats, but after one you will be hooked. Being around so many positive energies and creating lifelong friendships is priceless.

~ jade Ross



    Each one of Roxy’s retreats are more magickal than the next!  She has an innate gift of creating a sacred container and holding space for all to go within and connect with Spirit.  Roxy and each of her co-facilitators know exactly what your soul needs and all perfectly align.  Each retreat has been a new journey, to be introspective, to surrender to what comes up.  The energy in Mt Shasta is amazingly intense and assists in pulling out whatever needs attention. It is a beautiful and powerful place to do sacred work.  I left an old version of myself in Shasta, one that did not serve me on a new path that has since been created after leaving the retreat.  The best part of her retreats are the bonds created within the group-deep connections are created and shared in a safe space filled with love, laughter & even tears.  So much love for Roxy, Karen, Maria for opening their hearts & holding space for us all to expand & transform in Shasta, you are truly angels!’ ~ Jessica 

    "Pure magic - whether it's a week or intensive weekend retreat - Roxy's work and guided experience is transformative. As a member of a series of collectives, I know the best and I see it and felt it with Roxy, when do I sign up for the best retreat ??."

    ~ Deanna Brown





      Terms and conditions and cancellation policy


      Please make sure you review the cancellation policy before you purchase. By signing up and registering for this retreat you agree to all terms and conditions of the cancellation policy. By using this site you agree to indemnify and hold us and anybody affiliated with Roxy Ghoraishy and Ceremony Meditation/ Modern School of Mystics harmless from any claim or demand due totally or in part arising out of your participation in the site, the retreat, etc.


      No cancellations/refunds after 20 days from the start date of the retreat (Start date: September  17th, 2022). We do not offer credit for a guest arriving late or leaving early. We have the right to refuse anyone that will not be a good fit for the group.

      No cancellations/refunds due to Covid related or social climate changes within 30 days. Allow the energy of Puerto Morales and the sacred vortexes to hold and create space for self healing, purification and cleansing along with raising our frequency and building long-lasting immunity. By registering for the retreat you acknowledge receipt and agreement to the cancellation policy.