Mount Shasta

Healing Services

If you are new to energy healing or a seasoned holistic seeker of natural healing our energy healers will create a space for healing which is comforting and relaxing and safe.
It is known that the root cause of any disease ‘ dis-ease’ is a blockage or dis alignment in your energetic field known as your chakra system. Chakra means wheel of life and creates an energetic wheel that goes around your body. Anything from a cold, to cancer comes from this disharmony in our energetic field and based on which chakra this blockage lies, the practitioner can help to discuss the thought patterns that are creating these blockages. Most of our practitioners use reiki energy to clear blockages to bring alignment back into your energetic field and aura. Rei- means universal meaning it is present everywhere- chi means prana, life force energy. The practitioner is acting as a channel of light to bring in this energy to repair any damages allowing to heal the root cause of the blockage.

During a healing session, the healer will sit down to evaluate what your needs are and will guide you through a meditation and create a safe space to allow healing to take place. During a healing it is common to experience floating, being out of body, or a deep meditative sleep during the session. Some have also stated that doing a reiki is more relaxing than a massage, and have experienced major breakthroughs during a session. The energy will work throughout your system over the course of the next 24 hours. It’s a way to nourish your mind, body, and soul along with releasing stagnant energy and repairing any damages to your energetic system - your chakras. So give yourself the gift of spiritual surgery, your soul will thank you for it!!
So whether you need a ‘tune up’ , or have high anxiety, depression, body aches, heart broken, insomnia, high fear, angry, or ‘ A type ‘ and cant shut off your mind, everyone and anyone can benefit from this type of energy work and healing therapy.