Mount Shasta

Faye Livesey



In 2010 Faye was a Lieutenant in the British Army deployed on a combat operation in Afghanistan. On night patrol, in the vast dry desert landscape her team paused to take a knee. Peacefully quiet & serenely calm, Faye looked up at the beautiful night sky. The stars were uninterrupted by light or pollution, they shone like they knew more than we ever could. In one of the most dangerous places on earth, anything could have happened, but in that moment earth seemed so small when the whole universe was before her. She didn’t know it yet, but her life was about to change and not because of a dangerous situation but because she had heard something faint that she could never again ignore… her inner voice.

Fast forward 7 years & her journey has been insightful & incredible. She has travelled the world searching for guidance. From Machu Picchu in Peru to Bali, Indonesia, she opened her mind to what could be. She left everything she had in England & followed her heart & soul guidance to Venice, LA.

As an author, Certified Reiki Master & Emotional Intelligence Coach, Faye incorporates both spiritual & practical modalities in her teaching, in order to offer a holistic wellbeing experience. Her goal is to simply enrich the lives of those who are ready for the internal journey. She offers, individual & group sessions, workshops & facilitates truly life enhancing experiences.

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