Mount Shasta

Join Roxy + Desiree Lanz as they hold a beautiful alchemy to share the magick of rituals and facilitating moon ceremonies starting on August 30th as they guide you on an eight week journey.


Everything is sacred, and we are the essence of that divine magick. Some of us play with the idea of magick, but have you truly allowed yourself to tap into the divine essence of ritual, healing, and manifestation?


This course is a beautiful initiation + activation of your energy field as a remembrance of who you truly are as a mystic, a medicine woman and a healer. This energetic activation will allow you to gain the tools and ancient wisdom to facilitate moon ceremonies and perform magick and teach you the practice of ritual in honoring the sacredness of ceremony.
With the practice of ritual, we allow ourselves to connect with the infinite cosmic field of consciousness, to create.
Through ceremony we honor our ancestors, the ancestors of the land, ancient traditions and the elements — all of which are sacred.

Rituals + Ceremonies Training is now available