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What is your ritual? What is your practice? New moons are a powerful time to hold space in ceremony, and ritual to manifest and set intentions till the next lunar cycle. In ceremony, and as a collective we will hold space for one another as we get to the raw core of what is currently most alive for us so that we can maximize this new moon cycle. Every moon cycle is an opportunity to create great positive change in our lives. Ceremony and ritual are a sacred way of honoring and working with the natural flow of energy. Join us in our for our next sacred ceremony as we amplify our intentions and activate our collective magic to align more deeply to our true purpose and path. Sound healing has been used for centuries. Roxy is playing alchemy crystal bowls to help create space to fully align with your higher self. These ancient healing techniques work on a subconscious and cellular level to to tap you into the quantum plane to create profound shifts in your life. Always remember, that you are magick. ' the ultimate test of ones conscience may be their willingness to sacrifice something today for the future generations whose of thanks will not be heard.' gaylord nelson ( founder of earth day ) Grateful to be included in this EARTH day beach clean up put together by @carmellarose and to be included with sponsors such as @aloyoga @blacklines @rothys @andrew7sealy to bring awareness to cleaning up trash on the beach not only on earth day but always. Mother earth is our provider, our nurturer she provides us food, water, air - all the necessities needed for living and survival. Let's take care of her together. Every small amount makes a difference and when we get together it continues to make a difference. Spread love, be love, walk the path of love. Ceremony Meditation partners with La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood to share the light to bring meditation to the westside and bring together community for conscious gathering. Soulciete X Ceremony Meditation partner to bring this amazing event led by Dr. Erin and Roxy Ghoraishy to bring together community, share sisterhood and create a special container for activation's and expansion.

Ancient Wisdom Live with Shaman Durek from HARWOOD STUDIOS on Vimeo.

Watch this episode as Shaman Durek hosts Ancient Wisdom LIVE for Ceremony Meditations POP UP series at La Peer Hotel. He shares his ancient wisdom in the modern world as he creates space for energetic clearing, healing and expansion. follow @shamandurek for more info video by @harwoodstudios v

Brooke Feamster x Ceremony Meditation from Brooke Feamster on Vimeo.

Creative expression and healing through art. Artist Brooke Feamster creating art through connection, as she channels a painting while Roxy holds sacred space to clear energy with alchemy sound bowls combining sound movement + energy for clearing and expansion. In this episode meet Susy Markoe Schieffelin sound healer, reiki master, and beautiful soul all around she illuminates love + light wherever she goes. She shares on her journey of transitioning from the luxury + lifestyle industry, and moving from NYC to LA and discovering her passion for sound healing. She shares with us her magical alchemy crystal bowls and explains the vibration of each and how these frequencies hold space for a deep, cellular level of healing. Her her journey of awakening, and leading a life of purpose, passion + service. Watch this episode as Nimai, Bianca and Simon Hill with Plant Proof educate those on maintaining a vegan plant based diet.It is not spoken about enough on the importance on what you put in your body, and how it affects your vibration. Watch as the experts share on their wisdom.