Mount Shasta

Delia Hogan


Sound Healer/RYT


As a native of Los Angeles, Delia strives to help others reconnect their mind to body awareness, bring inner peace, restore balance and reduce stress, through meditation, yoga and sound healing. She also believes spending time in nature is crucial to maintain health, vitality, emotional strength and a stress-free life. Delia holds her sound healing certificates and has earned her RYT 200 yoga certification from Loyola Marymount University, where she studied with well-known Instructors, Authors, and a worldwide variety of specialists from the yoga and sound healing community. She has always been drawn to the ancient healing power of sound from her native tribal family and began to study with an array of local and international healers using different techniques, from different parts of the world. In addition to instructing yoga and meditation, Delia has embarked on a spiritual journey with intention and dedication in creating and leading sound healing sessions throughout the United States. 

She believes true emotional and physical self-healing begins with the vibrations and frequencies from the power of sound. She is a dedicated mother, an intrepid world traveler and, most important, a dedicated and warm friend who loves helping, healing and connecting with others. Delia also currently holds a successful career in the hospitality industry, working with clients to design hotel interiors around the world. Create a sacred safe space for the commUNITY, they will come and they will evolve.