Mount Shasta

(Module A+B in June + July)

 JUNE 2021 - APRIL 2022


Join Roxy Ghoraishy, Dr. Sada Simran, PhD. for the 2021-2022 Facilitator Teacher Training
Program at Modern School of Mystics launching June 2021.

This program is for you if you want to step more deeply into your role as a teacher and healer,
if you are looking to awaken more of your healing abilities, become a meditation instructor,
facilitate circles and heal on a deep energetic level. Through this training you will
connect to your purpose and align with your destiny to the next level. 

This program is also for those interested in personal growth and spiritual development.
It is a journey of personal discovery. Allow yourself to heal and be supported as you step into
your empowered,
true authentic self and expand your knowledge and energy. The program is also an opportunity to
build a conscious community in service for the greater collective.

This program will benefit all levels–from beginning to advanced -wherever you are on your journey.

During this eleven month program you will receive training in meditation, mindfulness, healing, breathwork,
sound, facilitating sacred ceremonies, in addition to guidance on how to develop your own healing and
meditation skills and practice. 

This teacher training program meets for 13 weekends over 11 months to allow space to integrate all that
comes up during this duration.

Program Schedule:

Module A:  Release ritual (June 12 8AM - 12 PM)

  •  Community building
  • Module B: Intention setting  (July 10 8AM - 12 PM)

  • Community building
  • Module 1: The Lightworker’s Journey of Self Love  - August 7,8

  • The Healing Path
  • Optimized Living
  • Rejuvenating from the inside out  - Self-Care
  • Transformational self-love via self- care and breath work are the topics for this weekend that
    explores nutrition and esoteric body care that will enhance your understanding of creating sacred
    space for your personal daily practice. 

    Module 2: Lightworker Energy Medicine + Activation -September 11,12 

  • Reiki I + II  Ignition -  Purifying the Vessel
  • Energy Education
  • Source Connection
  • Light Code Activation

  • In this module you will be activated with Holy Fire II Reiki I + II which will start a purification process of
    your energetic field and expand the foundation of your spiritual practice. Other topics include energy
    education, understanding your biofield, soul structure, spiritual laws and more. We will also hold an
    ancestors ceremony to hold reverence to all of our lineage that came before us. 

    Module 3: The Meditated Lightworker -October 16,17

  • Shattering the Illusion
  • Strengthening the Mind
  • Meditation Teacher Training
  • This module focuses on the many different modalities of meditation where you’ll learn various styles
    of meditations from different lineages, as well as techniques, tips and practices to support you in
    deepening your personal meditation practice and how to best guide others in meditation.

    Module 4: The Ritualist + Ceremonialist Lightworker -November 6,7

  • Candle + Moon Magick
  • The Elements of Ritual
  • Divination
  • This module will be nothing short of magick as we dive into divination, personal ritual, candle magic,
    moon rituals and so much more. Learn how to create your own rituals using the elements and most
    importantly the power of your intentions. 

    Module 5: The Ecstatic Lightworker -November 20, 21

  • Experience Liberation
  • Experience Somatic Healing
  • Release through movement
  • In this module, you will experience ecstatic dance. Learn to abandon yourself to the rhythm and
    move freely into
    trance and a feeling of ecstasy. The dance serves as a form of meditation, helping
    people to
    cope with stress and to attain serenity.

    Module 6: The Sound Healer Lightworker Activation - December 11,12

  • Drumming + Mantra
  • Alchemy Sound Healing + Gong Bath
  • Learn to use the power of prayer, voice and sound for healing and to enhance your life and offerings.
    This module teaches about the power of the sound and the various modalities, from crystal alchemy sound
    healing to gong bath, drumming, chimes, toning and how to use sound healing in all over your sacred
    gatherings and to shift your bio field to raise the vibration of the collective.

    ** this module will be in in person 

    Module 7: Spiritual Entrepreneurship Lightworker - January 15,16 

  • Creating your brand practice
  • Components to create an online practice
  • Steps to building a business practice 
  • In this module you’ll dive deep to create your brand, and how to take clear steps to bring your vision of
    your business practice to life. You’ll also learn various components to create your online practice in addition to becoming clear on your mission, your story, and building on the foundation of your vision to bring this to life.  

    Module 8:  The Workshop Facilitator Lightworker - February 12,13

  • Creating a Healing Container
  • Group Facilitator Training
  • Preparing for practicum 
  • In this module you’ll learn how to create your own curriculum to teach a class. You’ll also be able to
    create an outline for your workshop that will be presented as your offering for practicum the following week.
    You will learn unique teachings, such as creating a medicine wheel and walk the four directions for a deeper understanding of the human experience. You will receive a great insight to create a foundation for facilitating workshops, and how to facilitate clarity, organization, + ease.

    Module 9: The Rebirthed Lightworker + Sweat Lodge- March 5, 6

  • Prayer 
  • Letting Go + Forgiveness
  • Rebirthing Ritual
  • In this module you will experience Prayer,, forgiveness, letting go and more in preparation for an in-person
    sweat lodge ceremony that is a rebirthing ritual to bring healing to one's mind, body, spirit.
    Sunday will be in person 

    Module 10: The Activated Guru - April 2, 3

  • Activate the Guru Within
  • Share Your Gifts
  • Be of Service
  • In these last modules you will share what you learned and guide us in a class or ritual of your choice as
    you step into your role as a teacher and facilitator.

    Module 11: The Closing Ceremony + Culmination - April 23, 24

  • Closing Circle
  • Sunday Evening Graduation
    *  Sunday option to graduate in person 
  • This will be a beautiful virtual gathering of connection to close off the energetic container and seal
    in these beautiful practices and teachings in our hearts. Following the closing circle we will have a culmination ceremony to honor the metamorphosis and transformation of all participants.

    REQUIREMENT: Open to celestial souls of ALL levels. This course is great for everyone from the beginner
    to advanced lightworker . The course is curated for a deepening of your practice, to hold sacred space
    for healing, facilitating, circle work, ceremony, ritual, and various modalities of meditation. The course
    is an energetic activation to uplevel your foundation to new heights.

    Bonuses include: (A value of $2,200.00)

    • Ceremony meditation access to Instagram LIVE daily courses
    • Holy Fire II - Reiki I and II Certification
    • Light code activation
    • Sweat Lodge
    • Karmic purification
    • Ancestral healing and Soul retrieval

    In addition to attendance at the teacher training weekends, you will be
    required to attend 44 meditation
    or sound classes before the end of the program. Beyond our physical meeting time, there
    will be an online classroom component, reading and assignments. There will also be a final
    practicum for you to share your gifts. The goal of the course is to graduate fully prepared to offer at least
    several healing modalities, classes or workshops with a marketing plan to share your offerings with the world.


    This teacher training program meets over 13 weekends in 11 months – June 2021  through April 2022. 


    2021 TT MODULE’S & DATES:


    Saturday-  June 12th -  8 - 12 PM Release ritual + community building ( Module A )

    Saturday July 10th  -  8- 12 PM Intention setting + community building  ( Module B ) 

    MODULE 1 - August 7,8

    MODULE 2 - September 11,12

    MODULE 3 - October 16,17

    MODULE 4 - November 6,7

    MODULE 5 - November 20,21

    MODULE 6 - December 11,12

    MODULE 7 - January 15, 16 

    MODULE 8 - February 12,13

    MODULE 9 - March 5, 6
    MODULE 10 - April 2,3
    MODULE 11 - April 23,24


    Saturday & Sunday from 8:30  to 6 pm with 1.5 hour lunch break

    EARLY BIRD SPECIAL- register by April 30th to receive $250 off!

    Investment in self

    Payment Plan Options:

    Option 1: $409.10/month = $4,500.00 (interest included) / 11 months

    Option 2: $2149 paid twice - upon registration and second installment due by October 1st, 2021.

    Option 3: $115.39/week - Weekly payments  - 39 weekly payments x for total of $4500.00

    For more information or to register please email +


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    link below or email us. 

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    Make 2021 be the year you activate your gifts to discover and unlock your gifts from within to 
    live a life filled with purpose and joy to fulfill your destiny. 




    " When I signed up for the Ceremony Facilitator Training Program, I expected to learn how to
    facilitate meditations (for groups & individuals) and create and hold sacred space via ritual and ceremony.
    These expectations all came from a very intellectual place. As most things in my life, I was going to think my way
    through all the complex spiritual practices and then kill myself to execute them perfectly. HA! I laugh when I
    think back about how little I truly knew about what I was getting myself into. This is not a program that you can
    think yourself through or do perfectly. This program is about being and feeling and connecting
    with all aspects of yourself.


    What I did not expect or anticipate in this 9-month process of multiple deaths and rebirths, was the radical,
    heart-opening, emotional and spiritual expansion and transformation I have experienced. I also never considered
    what my life would be like with the other 12 souls in the program, who I call family now. I had an inkling that our
    teachers were going to be wise and knowledgeable, but again, the teachers in this program are more than teachers.
    They are mentors, way showers, and spiritual guides.


    The woman who sat on her mat at Ceremony Meditation in April 2019, wanting to *think* her way through spiritual
    practices and do everything perfectly is gone. This program, my teachers, my fellow students, gave me the courage
    to be authentically me, to open my heart, to show up and step up as the lightworker and leader I am."

    - Maria Dimakos graduate of Teacher Training 2019