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Welcome to The Ritual collection, here to remind you that you are magick and to honor the ritual behind candle magick.

The ritual collection was created from a place of love in sharing the sacred ritual of candle magick and watching so many shifts take place in my life from these rituals. I wanted to pass this magick along to others to use this as a tool for divination and empowerment.  These candles are blessed + infused with love and are made with natural coconut wax, anointed with herbs, oils, and a crystal for the specific intention + ritual it carries. 

These candles are to be used for sacred ritual and magick, or to simply to shift the energy of the room. These candles are blessed and carry the vibrational energies of various tools such as colors, cosmic art, angel numbers, oils, herbs, and crystals in addition to the vibration of your own intention.

For centuries candle magick has been used for spiritual insight and expansion. Fire acts as a portal between the realms and represents illumination between the material and spiritual realm. The flame of the candle acts as a conduit to communicate to other realms of existing, making it useful for carrying prayers, bringing clarity, clearing, and magnifying one’s prayers. Candles are used for spiritual insight and is symbolic of light, transformation, elemental magick, and inner power.

Shine your light from the inside out, and remember the essence of the magick that you hold within your heart.

Stay cosmic earthlingz.