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World mental Health, creating daily practice..

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Creating a daily ritual to bring balance, clarity, mental health, brings you to a place of well being. It is not something to find outside yourself.

We exercise for physical fitness, but one doesn’t expect to get a six pack by working out once a week. The same goes for mental health and well being. Create s p a c e for your daily practice even if it’s just five minutes, there is no place to hold judgement for what you can commit to. There are so many apps, you tube videos and free meditations, Instagram lives to help you create a routine + practice.

You are the medicine.

There are SOOO many various modalities try them all and find something you LOVE.

Through breathwork, sound healing, reiki infused meditations, gong baths, mindfulness, yin yoga and various modalities you will discover the medicine lies from within. Meditation helps with :

-sleeping disorders
- depression
- anxiety
- pain management
- hormone issues
- back pain
- anxiety diminishes
- cancer recovery
- heartbreak
- sadness, loss of loved one
- releasing stored toxins in the body

The list goes on. So in honor of #mentalhealthawareness #worldmentalhealthday please create a daily practice, your soul will thank you.

Your breath is your super power.

How has meditation changed your life?? 👇🏻

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