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Why meditation is more challenging for people in the modern world

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Why meditation is more challenging for people is the modern world

Most of us think meditation is not going to work for us and that is a valid thought due to the origins of meditation coming from the far east in ancient times when life was simple. However we are living in the modern western world where we are in a high-pressure society to succeed and achieve.

Why we over-think things

We’ve all sat still before and felt our minds constantly run and run. Often times we don’t like to hear what’s happening in our thoughts, perhaps because we feel guilty about something we did or we are worried about a something that is potentially going to happen. A lot of people constantly over-think about their job, family or love-life and that becomes exhausting.

No wonder people drink, smoke and take drugs

According to the ADAA (Anxiety and Depression Association of America) over 40 million americans or 18.1% of the population suffer from a form of anxiety according to their published statistics Therefor we engage in activities that keep us busy and our minds off of our worries until we are tired enough to go to sleep, or we inhibit ourselves with cannabis, alcohol or medications to forget our worries.

We have an advantage in the West

Thanks to the internet the whole world has access to guided meditations on Youtube and phone applications. Now just like yoga, all around America there are group drop-in meditation studios that you can attend. Why is this an advantage? Remember how beneficial it was having a teacher or professor in school instructing a class that was challenging to understand? The same goes for guided meditation class.

Time flies when you are Meditating with a group of like-minded people

It is easier to meditate for longer periods of time when you hold yourself accountable to be still and silent so you don’t interrupt others trying to accomplish the same thing that you are. Also the teacher is available to answer questions, offer insights and guide the meditation real-time. When others ask questions and reflect on their insights, you gain more insights for yourself that may come in handy. If you would like to try a guided meditation class here is a great way to start. (Insert link to $33 intro special)

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  • Why no mention of distractions like electronic devices and associated software designed to capture attention? Facebook and other online facilities are designed to be addictive!

    Bill Singer on

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