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What is your meditation daily practice?

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While some of us are avid advanced meditators and others beginners the importance of self practice is just as important as creating a ritual for bathing, and brushing your teeth, it must be DAILY routine . So if you have been going to a meditation studio everyday I commend you deeply, however if you haven’t don’t worry this is where your daily self meditation practice is highly beneficial and a necessity. 

Meditation in the Tibetan language means ‘to become familiar with’, which allows us to reflect on  ourself. Meditation allows us to get in the practice of this self reflection so we can observe our thoughts feelings and emotions and to disconnect from the chatter in our heads and connect with our soul to attain a state of bliss unattached to anything going on in our external world. Why this practice is important is it allows us to get present instead of get so tied up with any traumas from the past, or attached to the outcome of the future.  With this shift in perspective we can enjoy each and every moment for what it is, which is a present in itself external to what is happening in our life. 

So whether you have a self practice at home or not, today is a great day to start. Here are some tips to help you get into a routine.

  1. Create a daily ritual. Similar how you would wake up everyday and brush your teeth first thing when you wake up, and at night before you go to bed allow yourself to create a time that works for your meditation practice that is consistent. Whether this is five minutes, thirty minutes or an hour, choose an amount of time that works for you and start your routine at the same time daily.
  2. Start your meditation practice with taking three deep breaths in through the nose and out through the mouth, do this three times.  Breathing deeply helps calm the nervous system, and creates coherence, and releases serotonin in the brain bringing instant calmness to oneself. ( optional to take it one step deeper take two minutes to do breathe off fire which balances out the left and right hemisphere which is the masculine and the feminine energy. This type of breathing allows us to bring balance into your body. Two inhales through the mouth, one exhale through the mouth. )
  3. Start your practice with gratitude and setting an intention. A great intention to set is  to be open to all possibilities and attached to none.
  4. Play soft music. Ocean sounds or binereal beats are great! If you are someone that cannot sit in silence this is the perfect way to stay centered.
  5. Have fun! Meditation is not  so serious - or difficult. When we think it’s difficult we create this. Pick a practice that you enjoy. Create a style and routine that is unique to you. If you enjoy the way a teacher instructs your class try and guide your practice in a similar way. There are meditation livestreams, apps, podcasts and so much more than can make this ever evolving learning curve of meditating so much easier and fun! 


We are happy to be hosting a daily community meditation vibes daily from 3:30 - 4:30 that  will  allow you to practice your self practice in the garden, with soft classic journey music by Bill Murray. You got this, remember you are your own Guru. Show up with an open heart, and an open mind.

Link to find more info on our daily community mediation vibez below.

Much love.

Guru Roxy + Star 


Remember health is wealth. Happy meditating. 

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