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What I Learned From Reiki...

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Going through the Reiki process completely changed my life.  

I come from a background in something a bit more mainstream and traditional: real estate for over twenty years, and owning an escrow company for ten years. Despite this being an “acceptable” trade to to the public eye, I didn’t realize (or rather, let myself truly feel) how unfulfilling this J.O.B. was to my soul until i went through a series of events that led me to sell my business. So driven by hitting goals and reaching markers of “success,” I was actually quite out of touch with reality. I had lost site of what was really real.

Through Reiki and its divine intelligence, I was able to heal myself, realign myself, and to transition to the an incredible new birth: Ceremony Meditation. I finally felt the depth and truth of realigning to my soul’s path and a renewed purpose; one of healing and being of service to my community. One of giving back, and not self-fulfilling, or is just merely “socially acceptable.”

Truthfully, the world is so hungry to be loved enough to heal. It is a time of community, unity, oneness. Together, as a connected society, we can heal ourselves through LOVE. We are in an era of a MAJOR LOVE MOVEMENT! It is one of the most monumental times of history, the quietest revolution – a love-evolution. 

Reiki is a powerful tool to heal, empower, and to connect from within. Reiki is about love.


A little more about Reiki: 


Rooted in Japanese, Reiki is a word that means Universal (Rei-), and life force energy (-Kei), which is also known as “chi.” Whether you are already conscious of this or not, we all hold the innate ability to heal. Going through the process of learning Reiki through a placement of your energy will open you up to the ability to heal yourself, energetically and karmically, to purify your vessel so that you will be able to in turn do this for others. A Reiki practitioner acts as a bridge between heaven and earth, bringing in the pure, deep consciousness of love and light.


Reiki allows you to repair your energetic field and your aura, allowing you to repair any damages to your auric field. Disease (note: dis-ease) comes from disharmony of your energy field. What Reiki does is to help restore the balance and harmony to your body, which is the base you need to feel whole, fulfilled, and to help others to feel complete, as well. 


We are all the co-creators of our lives. This means both the good and the bad. Accepting responsibility for it all allows us to make changes that are monumental and so impactful, not just for our own lives, but for the world at large. When you allow yourself to go through a process of healing, you go through an energetic purge and detoxification. Things become clear. You become more authentic. This then can flow into every aspect of your life.

In the Western world, what often is not taught to us growing up is the truth about our natural ability to heal ourselves. Whether you are a Reiki practitioner or not, we all have this innate power. Through even just the intention to heal ourselves, we have the ability to do so.

As Martin Luther said best “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only LOVE can do that.” 

Come out of the darkness and into the light. Illuminate your precious, wonderful, powerful self. Love yourself. Love others. We are all in this together.


If you are interested in unlocking this beautiful power within to heal, please see dates for my upcoming trainings: 

August 19th: Holy Fire II Reiki II

September 16; Holy fire II Reiki I *** revised

October 21st: Holy Fire II Reiki II

November 9: Holy Fire Advanced Reiki (A.R.T.) + Master Training


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