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What Each Type of Retrograde Means-when planets reverse

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When Planets Reverse- What Each Type of Retrograde Means

written by guest blogger  N. Faucheux

Now, we’ve heard it all before. Mercury is the planet that often gets blamed when things start to fall to bits. In fact, some people's first instinct when things go awry is to do a quick Google search to check if Mercury is in retrograde. But what is Mercury Retrograde, and can the other planets be in retrograde as well?


ABC 7 News reported on this phenomenon explaining that it all has to do with the orbital relationship between the Earth, Mercury, and the sun. For a period of time, Mercury as we see it in the night sky seems to be moving in reverse (that is, in retrograde). Now, here’s the bad news. While we're all fixated on Mercury being in retrograde, we tend to ignore the remaining eight other planets — all of which can also be in retrograde and bring some unexpected changes to the world. This list will detail what you have to watch out for and how to handle the planetary retrogrades through the year.


Mercury Retrograde

Image Credit: Papa Lima Whiskey / Wikimedia

Let’s start with Mercury. Now, it’s understandable that we worry whenever Mercury is in retrograde as its effects extend to travel issues, misunderstandings, and technological mishaps — all crucial things that are part of our daily lives. Technology has become integral in our everyday activities, and it’s not about to slow down. In their industry outlook for technology graduates, software developers at Maryville University point out how mobile technology is only going to expand globally, with apps and virtual reality becoming the new norm for all aspects of life. So how do we deal with the inevitable?

Well, it’s simple. It is important to remember that Mercury being in retrograde throws things in your life out of whack, and because of the disorder, you are given time to reflect on your current situation. Don’t start on anything new, but instead focus on fine-tuning what already is.

 Venus Retrograde

Image Credit : NASA / Wikimedia

Venus, the planet of love, was said to have been destroyed by global warming. But it’s another kind of heat that you have to be wary of when Venus is in retrograde. Misunderstandings and heated arguments with your significant other will be more common as Venus starts to slip into retrograde. As with Mercury, things being in a state of flux isn’t always a bad thing.

Take Venus’ time in retrograde to reassess your current relationship, and ask yourself the important questions. Are you and your partner aligned with what you both want in life? Is your relationship a bastion for support and love? When this planet is in retrograde, figure out what you really value in a relationship.

 Mars Retrograde

Image Credit: ESA / Wikimedia

Mars is the planet that rules over our passion and drive. It pushes us to act, so logically we are clobbered into inaction when Mars is in retrograde. This can cause certain work projects to stall, which is bad news for both employers and employees alike. Luckily, experts from NASA have determined that Mars Retrograde only happens once every two years. This gives you plenty of time to schedule around it and plan ahead.

A common denominator with most of these solutions for various planetary retrogrades is taking advantage of the loss of momentum. Use it as a time to reflect on how you normally do things, or even as a means of giving yourself a break.

Jupiter Retrograde

Image Credit: NASA / Wikimedia

Feeling a little down? Jupiter may be in retrograde. Jupiter rules over your inner self, and because of this, you may find yourself being a little more pessimistic and doubtful of everything when it is in retrograde. Worry not, as a little doubt is still healthy.

Take this time to re-evaluate your personal beliefs, both inward and outward. Doing this may lead you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and how you perceive the world.

 Saturn in Retrograde

Image Credit: NASA / Wikimedia

Saturn is the only planet that directly influences your career, which is why it’s considered as one of the most important retrogrades. Don’t be surprised if you start mapping out a 5-year plan for yourself once or twice while Saturn is in retrograde. This can be the toughest retrograde as any one of your career decisions can completely change your life’s trajectory.

That being said, try not to make any long-term career decisions while Saturn is in retrograde. Instead, try to reassess your current commitments and ambitions to see if your career goals still match up with where you currently are. Saturn goes into retrograde once a year, so consider this as your yearly check-in with your professional aspirations.

 Uranus in Retrograde

Be ready for major change. Whenever Uranus is in retrograde, things tend to shift on a global scale. On a personal level, Uranus brings out the side of you that you’ve often tried to deny. This can bring great disorder in your life, but at the same time, it’s a good opportunity to get to know yourself better.

Take this time to reflect on who you really are. Consider how you would act if not for the concern over what others will think. Uranus being in retrograde is as a good time as any to finally be true to yourself.


Neptune in Retrograde

Image Credit: NASA /Wikimedia

Neptune is the planet of dreams, and it heavily influences your creativity. You’ll want to go for practicality over your dreams when Neptune is in retrograde. This, in itself, isn’t entirely a bad thing, but you do have to remember that balance is key.

Take this planetary retrograde as a time to re-evaluate your work-life balance. Remind yourself that you work to live, and not live to work. Nurture your creativity — your passions as these are just as important as your career.

Pluto in Retrograde

Image Credit: NASA / Wikimedia

Because Pluto is so far from Earth, its effects are a little more subtle. Pluto influences large-scale transformations that you may need to undergo, and Women's Health Magazine shares that it likely involves deep reflections you need to undertake in order to discern the areas that need changes in your life. They’ll be brought to the forefront when Pluto is in retrograde, leading you to lash out on those around you.

Use this to your advantage by accepting the fact that these changes have to be made. Confront your fears and insecurities. Use this planetary retrograde to take a step closer to who you want to be.

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By N. Faucheux

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