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Happy full moon celestial starlight’s.

The powerful, regal, heart centered, passionate leader the LIONESS all symbolic of the Leo energy.  The full  moon is at 9 degrees of Leo which is ruled by the sun and is very passionate about expressing her emotions.  With the ‘full’ moon our emotions are heightened as the moon affects the electromagnetic field of the universe, the tides and everything in between. Our body is composed of mostly water, however our heart and brain are composed of more water at 75% so this affects our thoughts and our emotions deeply and that's why sound real affects your consciousness.

 The sun is sitting opposite the moon and allowing us to feel what is coming up at this time. 

It’s a time of motion, and taking action. It's so symbolic that this is the first full moon of 2021. This moon energy is asking us to find what opens our hearts, and to live our life from this place, as you do so you give others permission to do the same.

As Leo is ruled by the Sun this symbolizes creativity, playfulness, joyfulness and radiance. Leo energy shines like the sun. 

Jupiter is coming conjunct with the Sun in Aquarius, Mercury is going retrograde on the 30st as we are feeling the shadow effects of this energy now. The sun in aquarius is symbolic of looking ahead for a better future. Yet Leo allows us to be present, here and now in our hearts. 

The retrograde energy is asking us to review, reevaluate, reassess, and release all that is not serving us. This means taking a look of every aspect of our lives from our relationships, our friendships, our projects, our jobs, where we are living, and the path that we are taking and how this is tied to our purpose. 

Six years ago i was in a career on the path in the real estate for over 18 years. I was at the height of my career and  so consumed with a busy schedule, a sparkly lifestyle, and all the things that came with that so i never had a chance to check in with my soul to ask if I was really happy… At that moment if i had asked myself that i would have said yes, i’m happy because i was so disconnected from my emotions i wouldn’t have known how to answer that... If  the answer was no i would have had no clue on what my next step would be and that would have held onto the fear of keeping things the same and not knowing how to take the next step. It wasn’t until I went on the journey of healing that many things unraveled and aligned for me.

When we become comfortable with expressing our emotions to ourselves and others it becomes more natural for us to reveal our creativity. Creativity comes from the part of our heart which is beyond thoughts and logic, it is connected to our inner child, our intuition and ability to feel and play. This is often overlooked. Allow yourself to tune into your inner child and remember what brings a smile to your face, what truly excites you. Take a break from your routine. Create a new routine and ritual around something you love. Allow yourself to change your ritual often to create flow in your life. 

Here is a time to question and ask:

have you discovered your most authentic creative playful self?

 Sharing your unique message to the world begins to shine through as well and reminds us that we are all unique in our own ways. We each have a message to share and this message comes from the heart. Full moon is the time to find a heart message and create ways to convey it to the world she reminds us that we have the potential to lead others of our personality though be willing to be seen.

Every sign has a vibration and also has the shadow energy not to say one is good or bad, yet it shows duality and where and how to evolve. 

Leos higher frequencies include the qualities of a benevolent leader. They align with the vibration of courage, compassion, empathy, and honor. When we tune in to this high side of Leo we hear the messages of a heart without judgment and only unconditional love. In the high state of Leo we embody the confidence and poise of a great leader who is accepting of approval but not independent of it.

The shadow side of Leo is ego. The ego is a part of us that you need to be defined by something. In our identity in many ways and our condition patterns around who we are in this life. There’s also the inner critic or self-defeating thoughts and a part of us I feel separated from others. The ego can get in the way of us finding and expressing our true self. It attaches to the idea of how we should behave in the world and how we should be received by others. Ego/s fuel is fear and it can lead us down a dark path of needing constant validation approval for what we are here to express to the world. 

On this full moon we have the opportunity to recognize the ego take the reins and use the effort to diviner existence so that we can end up showing up in the world as the fullest expression of our heart.  

I invite you to: 

Be bold

Be courageous

Be playful

Be compassionate

Be yourself

Express yourself

Share yourself

For the world needs your light, and your radiance. Recognize you are here to birth a new paradigm unlike anything we have seen in history before. Allow yourself this radiance to express freely for as you do so you give permission for others to do the same.


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with love, in service to love.




Photo by @portraits.renee

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