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The pillar of the lightworker community by Zoe

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Visiting Ceremony Meditation is a lot like trying to locate Harry Potter’s Platform 9¾ in Kings Cross. If you can see it, you’re a part of the Ceremony Meditation’s wizarding community, whether you know it or not.

The overused phrase “your vibe attracts your tribe” is the only appropriate one I can apply when I’m lying prone during a beautiful courtyard sound bath. Or as I’m belting a long “sat nam” in their hallowed bungalow studio. The fakery and pretentiousness that so often fills any LA event space (ironically more so for the spiritual ones) vanishes here. Without false kindness and fake bliss, there is space for immediate bonds and blossoming friendships. It’s a place that appears dedicated for a community to flourish.  

As a full-time nomad, finding a space to drop in and be welcomed is as elusive as the 405 free-flowing at 4 pm on a Friday. Despite regular trips to Venice Beach and Ocean Park, it wasn’t until my recent April trip here that the Ceremony Meditation building unveiled itself to me. It appears that in my ascension journey, it was time for me to join the folds of this passionate lightworker community.

Whereas other places I’ve visited have been more Ceremoney than Ceremony, the ethos that owners Roxy and Travis instill has a focus on assisting lightworkers, healers, and the “woke” (or waking) to nestle into their space. They even offer a weeklong unlimited trial for $33 to allow you to check out a few classes and decide whether this is your spot to heal, fulfill, or elevate. Whether you’re consciously attempting to clear energetic blocks or need to rise to find your purpose. Or you know are meant to be doing more with your time on this planet, Ceremony Meditation offers the sacred space to do this.

The strength and warmth of the community here offer an ease to pursue a path headlong into life’s big questions. In Desiree Lanz’s Akashic Records classes, guidance is requested consistently on how to connect or fulfill one’s life purpose. In Sada Simran’s gong classes, intentions are set to release limiting beliefs and step towards significant challenges without fear. The quality of the 10+ sound healing classes each week ensures that people like me can fast-track their ascension process. I experienced the gift of healing gift unfold within their whitewashed walls.

As I was leaving class one evening, the magic of the studio revealing itself was apparent. I watched a guy do a double take at the studio’s sign. I infused his minor curiosity with my enthusiasm, and the next day, he signed up for the trial. I watched the years shed in a few days. His internal chatter and stress diminished as he absorbed the sound healing, meditations, and collective wisdom of the tutors and attendees. He lived only a block away, but it wasn’t until he was ready to start addressing his demons that he even noticed Ceremony Meditation at all.

Owner, sound healer, and Reiki Master, Roxy Ghoraishy has consciously fostered this community spirit since opening the Ceremony Meditation doors. A recent addition to the studio’s packed schedule is the Conscious Community Dinner Gatherings.

These Friday night events are a regular on the summer calendar. Opt to drop in for free or pay for the nourishing 3-course Ayurvedic spread by Cooking with Om. At the inaugural event, I heard countless stories of gratitude for Ceremony Meditation. Stories of soul connections, a remembrance of past life connections, and new friends invited into the fold.

In Harry Potter, to get onto the Hogwarts Express, students must walk purposefully through the solid barrier. Thankfully, at Ceremony Meditation, it’s only a matter of walking through the beautiful crystal shop to reach the magic of all that is waiting for you.

Conscious Community Dinners are held every other Friday. Check here to see when the next one is on.



By Zoe Macfarlane, Travel & Wellness Writer

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