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Walking your true path

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Walking your true path.

This is usually the road less traveled.

However, it seems now more so than ever that this is the only road that we all NEED to create for ourselves. 

You probably started noticing the shifting and collapsing of timelines , things that used to seem normal are not so normal. Things are changing swiftly. The universe is bringing everything into the light.

why is this so important right now?

Because humanity needs all of us to walk our path of truth, to create change, to uplift humanity to create a new foundation. To bring Love to the collective consciousness. It is a new paradigm one that is so sacred and unlike anything we’ve ever seen in history.

This it is a great time of rebirthing, re-designing who thought you were to actually who you are supposed to be, to live your dharma. Your soul has a blueprint and everyone is so unique and an important part of this new earth energetic grid.

We do not need more sheeple in the world or people trying to fit in a box and entangled in the matrix .

Recognize that you are a quantum multi dimensional soul, you are nameless, timeless, pure energy and light moving in high frequency and speed.
You are limitless.
The world needs your light.

We invite you on a sacred journey back to the essence of your true self through CM TT Facilitator Program .
create a new path.
we are going through a collection evolution.
be here now.
m e t a m o r p h o s i s

Visit our website under sacred offerings of Ancient wisdom mystery school with @roxyghoraishy @dr._sada launching on August 14th, open for individual weekend module offerings as well. Although this is a virtual offering several modules will be in person and opportunities for out of classroom connection. Join us as we reconnect with soul family.

{ pictured graduating class of 2019 }
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