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The journey of a Sweat Lodge....

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Today we embarked on a journey to the womb of Mother Earth with a sacred sweat lodge ceremony. @dr._sada created a workshop weekend to experience a sweat lodge in its truest and most authentic form...

The sweat lodge represents rebirth, and going into the womb of Mother Earth in the darkness of her womb, to shed all that is not serving you to come out of her womb reborn... the heat allows your shadows to come up as a reflection and pushes you past your comfort zone to create break throughs. Through sacred ceremony, invocation, offerings, blessings and connecting with all the elements, ancestors, guides, angelic realms, cosmic realm and everything in between the facilitator created a space for magic . Thank you to Patrick for holding such a beautiful container and thank you @dr._sada for including us on a sacred solar return tradition that you’ve held for so many years....

When we can allow ourselves to go through the darkness we find that light within and all ourselves to fully surrender to it all.....

Every sweat lodge has been so magical and this one took me a couple earth hours to integrate back into my human body. I never felt so much energy pouring out of me during this sweat I was on a cosmic realm.

The sweat lodge was an ‘All Nations Lodge’ and is based on native and ancient teachings from all lands, cultures, tribes and nations with an emphasis on the Mayan Cosmology and Earth shift prophesies. The sweat lodge is best known as a Native American purification ceremony, and there have been sweat lodges on all continents in one form or another. In the lodge, we are symbolically crawling into the womb of mother earth to be reborn. We purify physically through the heat and the detoxification from sweating, but also emotionally, mentally, and spiritually through the prayers we say and the sacred tribal songs we sing together.

We came together to re-enter the womb of Mother Earth to be purified and left truly reborn... thank you for the journey..

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