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Super Full Moon in Libra, fall deeply in love

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The Full Pink Moon that arrives at 10:35 p.m. EDT the night of Tuesday, April 7, is the second full supermoon of 2020. A supermoon sits at the closest possible proximity (perigee) to Earth.

What is a super full moon?. The moon is closer to the earth so you will feel a stronger than usual electromagnetic energy from it and the moon will appear bigger and brighter because it is a super full moon.

The full moon falls in the sign of Libra which is ruled by Venus the planet of love.

Libra represents your relationships, partnerships, and finding a balance in them.

We have relationships with many people not just our intimate relationships. Sometimes we  tend to focus more on our relationships with our partners, our siblings, our parents, our friends and others. While these relationships are important their not as important with the  relationship that you have with YOUR- SELF.

During this time of quarantine we have been asked to slow down, to look within, to deepen this relationship with ourselves. To fall deeply in love.

It is when you can really go inwards and reflect, to dive within to make shifts within you so that you will see the shifts outside of you. Remember iit’s always the small shifts make great change.

So here we are asked to slow down and have a deeper, more intimate relationship with self. To nourish our self to take care of ourselves and meditate often.. In Tibetan ‘ meditation means’  reflection of self. Reflection of self allows you to observe your own thoughts.

Ask yourself the following questions:

•What type of thoughts are going through your mind?

•What challenges are coming up for you ?

•Are you excited with what is happening in the world or is it bringing you a great fear and anxiety?

•What am I enjoying about staying inside ?

•What have I learned about myself ?

•What excites me?

•How much time am I spending on exercising ?

•How much time am I spending on meditation?

•How much time am I spending on self care?

•How much time am I spending on work?

•How much time am I spending on virtual connections?

•How much time am I spending on enjoying the basic things?

These are all questions to ask yourself and answer from a place of openness and non-judgment.

As you turn your light within , ask yourself is my outer world a reflection of my inner world?

On this cosmic full moon,  observe your thoughts go within, meditate, slow down, and nourish yourself with  love.  

with love, 

in service to love.


Mantra: I now choose of my own free will to release all cellular memories and beliefs systems based in the dark wound of criticism, judgment, shaming and fear, so that my creative loving energy may thrive in a nourishing environment conducive to growth. Through all time and space, through all dimensions of my being, through unconditional love, so be it.

( repeat 3 x’s ) ~ sacred rebel by Alana Fairchild


art by @ododua.aum

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