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Summer Solstice illuminating your LIGHT from within

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Ask yourself what limiting beliefs are holding you back from expansion?

On Friday, June 21st 2019 marks the summer solstice which is a time of inner reflection to shed parts that are no longer serving us to truly illuminate our light from within. It’s a  time for self care and to walk the path of truth in alignment with your deepest desires. It’s an energetic gateway, bringing down high level of energetic frequencies to support us in our growth + expansion. The solstice represents the unity of the feminine & masculine energy as one, opening opportunities to unify duality within ourselves to expand our awareness and consciousness. On the solstice we are being asked to look within to bring to the surface any limiting beliefs not serving our growth, and to gain strength by illuminating our LIGHT from within.  Everything you need is inside you, dear ones. 

This week has been a powerful energetic portal between Monday’s Full moon and Friday’s Summer solstice this may feel intense for some and energizing for others. So much zest with a splash of sparkles taking place with these planetary alignments.  On Monday it was a Sagittarius full moon she is the traveler, the explorer, the adventurer, the seeker of truth, the teacher, the student seeking to bring this universal truth into the world layered with the Jupiter retrograde on this day. Jupiter is the planet of expansion which is also the ruler of Sagittarius. This retrograde is asking us to go inwards and expand from within. Letting go of judgments, old stories, limiting beliefs. Ask yourself is your outer world a reflection of your inner world? This is the time to align these two worlds to bridge that gap.

Let go of the negative talk, self-doubt, judgment, fear, and any vibration that is hindering your expansion. The full moon on Monday allowed for us to process all of this on deep level to bring clarity and let go of old stories and patterns.

Ask yourself.

Are there any fears or old stories that you are attached to?

What judgments do you place on yourself?

What are you afraid of?

As we bring light to our shadows, answer these questions with truth as we shine light to take away the power they once held over us. What stories are holding you back? When a snake sheds it’s skin, it doesn’t hold onto the dead skin it continues to move forward letting go of that layer of skin that it has shed. Humans holds on to their wounds like old baggage wearing it like a purse that is out of style. Let go of the bag.

Allow yourself to transform from the inside out.

It’s a time to go deep within your heart and open, to expand and receive the high vibrational frequencies from this solstice. Self care, slowing down, and taking time for yourself is essential during these times. Less is more. Allow yourself to rejuvenate during these energetic activations. You are being pushed outside your comfort zone to grow from this. Lean into this change. And always remember your true strength, your true light shines from within. Don't ever let anyone dull your sparkle. 

walk your path  

in love.

lead with love.

give love.  

receive love.


love yourself.


shed your skin.





through your heart space.

will expand your outer world.

step into the realm of infinite

possibilities dear ones.

me t a m o r o h o s i s

your heart will never lead you in the wrong direction.

'close your eyes.

fall in love.

stay there. ' 


Join us for two amazing Summer solstice events:

Friday June 21st  at Ceremony Meditation join Dr. Sada + Desiree Lanz for a Summer Solstice Akashic Record and Gong Ceremony from 7:30 - 9:30 pm.


Saturday June 22nd at La Peer Hotel in West Hollywood join us for a wellness retreat featuring an all day excursion which includes:

brunch // yoga // energy detox // sound healing // wellness panelists // cbd massages // gift bags // conscious community // akashic reading // astrologists // connection // self care // mid-year reset // rejuvenation

use code: illuminate for $25.00 off your ticket price

Link below for tickets are more information.


with love to all,

roxy + star 


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