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Spring Equinox + Nowruz, a new day

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Today marks Persian New Year around 3pm on March 20th, 2019 which is year 1398 in the Persian calendar. Happy 'Nowruz' meaning ' New Day' in Farsi on this beautiful spring equinox + full moon + astrological new year. A time of coming out of the dark, into the light. A time of leaving the cold and into the warmth. A time of bloom, blossoming and expansion. WIshing all souls a beautiful New Years, and to remember to embrace the playfulness of a child, have a smile to light up a room, and to always remember to say hello to the plants and cactus and enjoy the beauty that is around us always.

Nowruz represents vitality, courage, growth, fertility, creativity, abundance + blossoming. 

During this time take a moment to cleanse your space, sage or palo Santo + de-clutter your space. Releasing clutter will allow for flow, more ease, and positive energy to fill your space. Take some time to meditate, set your intentions, be clear yet unattached. This time is a powerful portal and time to set your intentions for the new year to come.


what you will need:

brown paper


crystal egg OR real egg

black sharpie

white candle 



Take a moment to clear your space, the room yourself, the paper, the egg. Light the sage, and play soft music if desired. Write on the brown piece of paper your intentions for the next year, be very specific and  start with I, Roxy XXX write your intentions down in present tense and at the very end write AND IT IS SO, and so it is. Take a moment to meditate on your intentions and light the candle and read your intentions out loud to the egg. An egg represents fertility and bringing to life. Spring equinox is a time to watch the seeds you've planted come to fruition. Holding your egg speak your intention to the egg, envision it as if it has already manifested and connect with the feeling this brings you as you hold the egg to your heart. Meditate on this and give gratitude and thanks for the blessings. When you are done connecting with the egg and programming your intention end your prayer by saying AND IT IS SO, AND SO IT IS. If you chose a crystal egg please keep this egg on your altar or somewhere you can connect with it daily. If you choose to use a real egg, please take the black sharpie and draw a triangle, and a another triangle downwards ( so that it creates a stat ) whigh represents 'as above' and 'so below' whatever you can imagine you have the ability to manifest in the physical realm. Then go bury your egg in mother earth in the dirt, in the sand, or anywhere in nature.

The message that came through in tonight's oracle is:


( Crystal Mandala Oracle by Alana Fairchild ). We bring you the blessing of your time to shine. On the divine path you gain empowerment through surrender and alignment with divine consciousness greater than your own. As you choose to surrender into higher consciousness through prayer and intention, you are held in a field of divine protection. You also gain strength, wisdom, and understanding. You release fear and gain love's power. You become increasingly radiant, discovering more of your own divine identity. At some point on your path, whilst this is always happening for you on the inner planes, you will be ready to perform a similar function on the outer planes, in the world of forms. This is when you will be asked to bravely shine your light to help those in need, perhaps lost or in darkness of some sort, in the physical world. 


I choose my own free will, through this and any lifetime, and through all layers of my entire being, to release doubt in myself and in spirit, and any associated belief system. I believe in my divine connection and I honour the strength of my spirit. As I shine my truth here in the world with joy, with peace, with creativity and with happiness, i bring comfort to many souls in need. May divine comfort, reassurance and light reach into the hearts, minds and souls of all living beings. Through divine  grace and unconditional love.

May divine love bring light to the darkness and hope to the lost. May all beings receive the light of love without fear. According to divine compassion and in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding, so be it.

I shine my truth, radiant with divine compassion, bringing light into darkness.

Repeat this mantra for the next seven days.

Trust that Mother Earth, all the elements, your guides and the universe is here to support you on your journey to create a life of passion, purpose, balance + harmony.

We are all looking for growth, expansion and change.

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable.

This is where great change takes place.

Step into the unknown.

Stop playing small.

Radiate your light.

You are more than enough.

You have everything that you need NOW.

Blessings to all on this journey + happy equinox.

i end all my rituals with a quote from rumi

so this one resonates well for today.. 

' you were born with potential.

you were born with goodness and trust.

you were born with ideals and dreams.

you were born with greatness.

you were born with wings.

you are not meant for crawling, so don't.

you have wings.

learn how to use them and fly.'



Ask yourself, what are you looking to kreate on the this new-day.


one path, two hearts

a journey of many lifetimes


with love,

Roxy + Star


photo by the very beautiful soul @harwoodstudios


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