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spring equinox, a season, a new day .....

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Spring equinox is before us, 

let's celebrate a new season and a new day.

as we spring into  

a new season allow  

yourself to celebrate  your blossoming, your transformations and your metamorphosis.   


a time to watch all the  

seeds you’ve  

planted blossom.   


a time to celebrate  

and connect with  

the cosmic energies  

that are coming  

through at this time.   


to look back to see  

what has shifted,  

what has changed,  

what have you outgrown.   


here is where the  

real change takes  

when we can take a  

moment to pause  

and reflect and celebrate  

all the changes and growth 

that we have gone through.   


this year has been a powerful  

time of RE-alignment , 

RE-newal, RE-activation  

with RE-membering  

who you are as a  

cosmic multi-dimensional  



allow this to be a time of rebirth + celebration


may you learn 

to enjoy the simple 


to smile often, 

to recognize 

each moment 

is a present, 

to be present 

in each moment, 

to watch sunsets, 

to feel the sun 

kissing your skin,

laugh often, 

to recognize all the 

blessings in your life, 

to dance like no 

one is watching, 

to surround yourself 

with those you love 

who show you a mirror 

reflection of how 

beautiful you are.

recognize that each 

moment is sacred. 


surrender to the 

great plan on love 

unfolding in the universe.

sending rainbow love 

frequencies to all.


for the spring equinox create
s p a c e for the blossoming of your soul.

✨ create a beautiful altar with blooms
✨ get rid of unwanted clutter
✨ clean out your closet
✨ honor the new season
✨ connect with the sunshine
✨ celebrate yourself
✨ Add Himilayian salt to your rose water to clear your space.
✨ create a list of what excites your soul

✨ take a bath with pink and red rose petals 

celebrate your metamorphosis from one season to the next. honor your inner goddess as you blossom from the inside out.

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