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Solar Eclipse ( of the Heart ) + Supermoon

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everyone loves the song by bonnie tyler.

'once upon a time i was falling in love. now i'm only falling apart.

there's nothing i can do. a total eclipse of the heart.'

so you may ask, what does this solar eclipse mean, and how will it affect us?

during a solar eclipse the moon comes between the sun and the earth. 

when this happens it breaks the auric shield of mother earth.

this allows energies from the planets + cosmos to come through.  

with this eclipse is a time of unpredictable events, and also synchronicities. 

as a collective consciousness our collective energy is rising.  

with this energy our destiny is being shaped and molded by spiritual forces beyond our control.

stay present.

stay open.

stay in your heart. 


this is a time that may bring change in your life path which will bring you in alignment with your purpose and destiny.


surrender to the flow. 


its a time to be awake, be aware  + be present.


how do you choose to show up for yourself?

on this new moon super moon what intentions and seeds are you planting to blossom?

write your intentions down on a brown parchment paper in pencil and throw it in the fire, to send your intentions out into the ethers and  out to your guides.

fun fact: in addition to the solar eclipse we have a super moon solar eclipse today friday the 13th for the first time in 43 years. we have three new moon super moons in a row on June 13th, July 13th, and August 11th. a supermoon occurs because the moon's orbit around earth is elliptical, and looks larger than usual.

sending love + light to all.

with love.

in the name of love.

love to all.

in service to love.

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