Mount Shasta

Sedona rejuvenation retreat, finding solace from within

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I invite you to rejuvenate from a place of solace from within.

To re- store.

To re- callibrate.

To re- connect.

To re-align.

With ones true self.

With nature.

To dissolve any worry, anxiety, and separation.

To find unity, and to see yourself as one with nature.

To connect with the energy of vortexes and to allow nature to re-calibrate your entire energetic system.

As you raise your frequency, you raise your immunity.

I am here to walk through this energetic portal to connect deeply with your soul.

I invite you on a journey of soul discovery.

For now is the time for you to re-awaken ro all your mystical powers. It’s a time to up level. For the world needs your brilliance and your light.

As we are in the heart of eclipse season, allow this to be an opening to a new chapter of yourself.

Join Roxy on this Winter Solstice from December 18-22 nd for a ‘Light Code Activating sacred Retreat’ in Sedona for a mystical connection to the magical land as we connect to her powerful energies.

We have three ( 3 ✌🏻 + ☝🏻 ) spots remaining, s p a c e is limited.

Visit our website to get more info + register @ceremonymeditation

With love, in service to love.

{ pictured Shasta retreat with @roxyghoraishy @desireelanz }

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