Mount Shasta

purify your mind, body, spirit.

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allow yourself to shift your perspective

with all that is taking place in the world.

this could be one of the most challenging of times or one the the greatest of times.

the great awakening of humanity.

are you submersed in fear or love?

are you in your head or your heart?

are you in power, or have you given it away?

as important as keeping your immunity high, it is a time for us to raise our vibration  as a collective + purify our energy field. when are energy field is clear, and our vibration is high we don't get sick. below are some tips for energy wellness, I suggest my fav:

⚜️crystal + essential oils bath with baking soda + epsom salt. Bless the water call in divine love, light beauty and protection to wash away any energetic impurities as you draw your bath. Add your favorite crystals along with almond oil, rose essential oils and add white rose petals. The alchemy of baking soda + epsom salt is to raise your vibration and the white roses petals is for for purity and cleansing which clear your energy field and raises your vibration

⚜️ alchemy sound bath - we are made up of frequency from sound, light + and energy. with sound healing, the crystal emits healing energies and the sound slows down and reduces your brain waves from the everyday beta, to Alpha and theta. when we get into Alpha or Theta our autonomic nervous system kicks in which is the body’s natural ability to heal itself. your your energy field can go from being in cohesive to cohesive with the vibration of sound.  when your energy centers are cohesive you raise your vibration, thus you will not become ill.

⚜️ use Agua de Florida ( the yellow one from Peru ) to clear your energy field. Spray some Florida water in your hand, clap your hands three times and brush off your body of any excess energy. this clears your energy field.

⚜️frankincense - light a charcoal and place frankincense on charcoal to purify the energy of the space.

⚜️ do an invocation, connect with divine source of love + light and to energy purify and raise your vibration. See yourself connecting to Mother Earth below you, growing roots to connect to her heart. Then bring in her light from your roots into your body towards every energy center starting from your root chakra, to your sacral, to your solar plexus, to your heart, to your throat, to your crown. See your crown opening up connecting to your cosmic body and bring this light down as your encompass yourself in a ball of white light. Where attention goes energy flows.

⚜️ sage- IF you are using sage please remove the string from the bundle and use one tiny branch to cleanse the space, do not burn the entire sage as this is not honoring the plant. Sage will turn off when it is finished purifying space.  Use this to purify your space and yourself.

⚜️ use a feather to smudge yourself or another. smudging is a practice that has been used for thousands of years to cleanse space, purify, heal, and the feathers are symbolic of carrying your prayers to the angelic realms. this purifies ones energy field and is great for blessings.

keeping your energy clear, and your vibration high is as important as washing your hands. Remember that this virus is airborne and can be transferred through breathing. Keep your immunity high, your thoughts positive, and your energy clear, and most importantly stay heart centered.

remember YOU, are the medicine, we all have the gift to heal ourselves.

this is my dharma to share holistic natural healing practices to empower all that all we need is within us.

if are interested in deepening your practice about rituals + ceremonies join me  @roxyghoraishy for an eight week online course to learn more about ritual + ceremonies + purification which starts this Sunday March 22nd, 2020.

for more info boost our website and click on on Ancient teaching mystery school.

stay cosmic earthlings. 


with love, in service to love.



moments captured by  @harwoodstudios

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