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Only love is real, fear is an illusion.

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fear is an illusion,

only love is real.


fear has been used 

for many years to 

control the masses 

through media and


programming . 

What is happening right now is a frenzy that is happening over a virus which I’m not here to feed into that energy of that but rather discuss on what disease truly is.


The fact that people truly don’t understand where disease comes from an illness, or virus or not is the result of the lack of proper education of our society although being a well educated society. What we are educated in school about disease, healing, and illness-  in western society is to give medicine to a symptom.  Now more so than ever we are starting to shift as a collective for more holistic, natural  modalities for healing . Western medicine emphasizes on giving  a pill, ( that will have side effects) to treat the symptom rather than get to the core root of the emotion that is causing the 

dis • ease which is a result of dis • harmony which causes blockages in your energetic body. This means working through your emotions rather than shoving them down and pretending they don’t exist. 

If this isn’t a global cry to wake up the society, to choose love over fear and take back your power I don’t know what is. 

YOU are your own healer. 

If you truly understood what disease was you wouldn’t be fooled by the media frenzy going on and get  stuck in the loop of emotions, of fear, worry, judgement etc. etc. all LOW vibrations.


High vibration - emotions such as love, happiness, beauty, gratitude, positivity, joy, liberation. 

Low vibration- worry, fear, anxiety, stress, hate, anger, sadness, depression.


We are made up of sound, light + energy, and our emotions control our vibration. Everything is vibration, from what we listen to, to what we put in our body, what we eat, the colors we wear, the crystalz we love. 

Cleanse your space • use sage or frankincense if you are looking to clear the energy of the air, of the space, to kill germs, and disinfect. 

Cleanse your mind • meditate, do breathwork 

Cleanse your aura • sound bath, reiki infused meditation. 

Turn off the news, wake up, don’t allow fear based media mass controlling the population to control you. 

You are the healer, you are the medicine, you are powerful beyond measures. Cleanse your space with sage, frankincense, palo santos which will kill germs and bacteria and disinfect the space. turn OFF the news, take time daily to meditate to clear your chakras, and raise your vibration DAILY. 

Washing your hands a million times is not going to save you that’s just common hygiene. 



that’s my public service announcement for the day. Stay cosmic earthling.


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