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Now is the time

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Now is a time to learn.
Gain more tools.
Tap into your own power.
Expand your knowledge.
Expand your practice.
Gain the tools to elevate
and expand your
bio field energy.
Expand your consciousness and take time to learn more about your energy field and how to raise your frequency along with learning about what affects it. The foods you eat, what you listen to, your thoughts, feelings, emotions, stress level, all have a vibration that affect your bio-field .
As we have all slowed down we have allowed ourselves to go within to find what is important to us.

What are we in alignment with?

What needs to shift?

Reduce your intake of watching ‘fake news’.... We have access to podcasts, books, classes, workshops to gain more knowledge. Trust that you are being guided by whatever calls to your heart.

Books that I would HIGHLY recommend are : ‘Becoming supernatural’ by @drjoedispenza

‘Energy codes’ by @drsuemorter

‘Spirit hacking’ @shamandurek

In this time of slowing down, we allow ourselves to become completely in alignment with what is important.

We are expanding beyond this linear realm as we are multi dimensional souls.

Join us for our daily Instagram lives + free daily classes to energetically detox, find your center, create balance and expand and connect with community!

Check out our daily story for scheduling.
With love, in service to love. CM

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