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New you - New Moon in Virgo {09.09.18}

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With this new moon I ask you to ask  yourself ‘what is my DHARMA?’, your soul purpose, your destiny. 


This summer has changed us, as we just ended an intense trio eclipse season  + having all planets in retrograde which may have felt like a huge energetic download for some and a whirlwind for others. The month of September we are asked to integrate this energy and with the Virgo new moon this energy is guiding us to focus on our self care practice, our routines, and keeping a healthy lifestyle. This new moon is coming in to ground and assist you. Virgo energy is looking to improve, to heal to fix, to solve, it’s a nurturing energy here to serve and support. Virgo energy is grounding, and looking for simplicity, solutions, what needs to go. Where is there too much clutter? We are feeling a new momentum, since we’ve been in review since June. What is your choice, and which path will you take?


Pluto trine the sun + the moon, is providing a download of support for the transformative inner work you’ve been doing.

Pluto is about your soul’s evolution and how you are stepping into mastery, your true potential. You are supported in owning your power, in acknowledging how you have transformed and honoring yourself for how far you've come, and what you’ve worked through.

Jupiter in scorpio sextile to the new moon is about transformation. What you have moved through is bringing you wisdom. It's about cutting things out. New moon is saying honor the new-ness. Honor the new version of YOU

 Neptune ( surrender energy ) opposes the sun and the moon. We have to let something go, because we are not seeing it clearly. Neptune is the spiritual energy, what you can’t see.  Are you able to surrender and trust? Spirit is timeless, so this is asking you to let go of control + your grasp so the Neptune energy can support you. Honor what you’ve moved through emotional fears to bring  transformation.  You are meant for greatness and to step into the best version of yourself right now.


Your physical body has more needs as the frequency of the universe is raising our vibration as a collective. More exercise, more water, and a plant based diet is highly recommended. What we eat, and how we treat our body affects our frequency.



So now is a time to feel a new found clarity, and a newness. Whether it's new opportunities, new starts, new jobs, new relationships. The Pluto energy working with the sun and the moon is about divine timing. Solid manifestations. Trusting the big picture + taking practical steps to get there. So I ask you, on this new moon when setting intentions, ask yourself ‘what is my dharma’ - what is my purpose’. The universe is supporting everyone in this transition to fully step into their power and aligning with your purpose. We all have soul contracts and chose to come back at this time for some particular work, to fulfill your destiny. If you are unsure what your purpose is, ask yourself before you drop into a meditation. Know, that the answers you seek like within you. 


‘ even after all this time the sun never said to the earth, you owe me. look what happens with a love like that, it lights up the whole sky’ .  

~ hafiz 


 Allow yourself to shine your light, to radiate your love. Step into your power. You deserve it. You’ve worked hard to get here. Look back and say ‘thank you’ to the journey for you would not be here if you hadn’t gone through every single event that has happened in your life. 


As you progress through your life, learning and growing, you gain wisdom and strength. You grow more radiant and authentic, true to who you are, and as this happens, many of the layers of identity begin to fall away. What you once believed yourself to be is shown to be not much more than clothing your soul wore for a time. You have outgrown it. It is no longer a good fit. It constrains too much – doesn’t reflect your personality, vibrancy, uniqueness and beauty – so you discard it. Perhaps you are able to be more spiritually naked? The sense of who you are become simpler. You were just you. Others may or may not get you but nonetheless you are still just you. You are freeing yourself from the projections of others, of the world, and simply living as your original, radiant divine self.


MANTRA: I choose my own free will, through this and any lifetime, and through all layers of my entire being, to forgive, release and free myself unconditionally from any judgment, shame, confusion, doubt, manipulation or projection about who I am. May all beings be free and supported to discover and love who they are, and why they are here. Through divine grace and unconditional love, so be it. 

I discover, express, love and honor the original, real divine me.

{ crystal mandala Oracle }

 with love.

in service to love.

rox + star

art by the very beautiful Blu cosmic Eagle, Charlotte Victoria.

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