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New Moon in Aquarius, dream BIG shatter the illusion

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Today, feb 4th marks the new moon in Aquarius at 1:04 pm, which also falls on the Lunar Chinese New year. This moon is about starting new, dreaming BIG, shattering the illusion and releasing limited belief systems. You are the creator of your reality good + bad. So now is a time of stepping into your power, your purpose and your destiny. What does this look like to you? How does it feel?  The key with manifesting and intention setting is to have a complete detachment from what you are looking to create. Remember the universe may have a plan for you far bigger than you could have ever imagined so allow, align, flow and let go of control.

The new moon in Aquarius is sun is sextile to Jupiter in Sagittarius. This brings an energy of expansion, abundance, optimism, protection and growth.

Allow yourself to feel not think.

Allow yourself to trust, not control.




Everything is within you.

Look within.


I share these mantras at the end of a sound bath when everyone is in an open and receptive state. Allow yourself to repeat these mantras daily for the next 30 days and see the shift in how powerful your thoughts are, and how you truly create your reality.

everything that i  need flows to me freely and effortlessly.  

feel this.

i am connected to the collective consciousness as a whole, there is no separation between you and I.

i fill my vessel with unconditional love.

i am love.

I breathe love.

I give love.

love is the energy that connects us all.

only love is real.

fear is an illusion.

i shatter this illusion as I step into love.

i know that I am  a beacon of light.

here to awaken the light in others.

i allow a full surrender and trust that everything that happens in my life is always working in my favor, as i shift my perspective to see this and remain unattached to the highs and lows .

i allow myself  to face any shadows to transmute pain into power  .

i approach my shadows within with love, gentleness, light and determination.

i choose to confront and release the fears holding me back from the fulfillment of my divine potential.

i surrender to the divine flow of the universe. 

i trust  that the  universe is fully supporting all of my needs at the exact moment . 

with that I allow myself to step into a feeling of trust + safety. 

the more i give to life the more she  gives to me .

i am willing to let go of who I have believed myself to be, to discover and unveil more of who I truly am.

i am an infinite soul.

here to create infinitely.

through divine empowerment and unconditional love, so be it. 


i choose my own free will, through this and any lifetime, and through all layers of my entire being, I choose to confront and release the fears holding me back from the fulfillment of my divine potential. 




 “The garden of the world has no limits, except in your mind.”  -rumi


beautiful art by @t.radz

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