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Lunar Eclipse ( of the heart ) + Blood Moon

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It's eclipse season, moon babez + goddesses. It has been a cosmic summer of three eclipses back to back. The first was a partial solar eclipse, arrived on July 13. The second, a total lunar eclipse, which will coincide with the July full moon this Friday July 27th and another partial solar eclipse will close out the eclipse season on August 11th 2018 with a new moon. YAY! It’s exciting times right now, with this 'cosmic shift'


So you may ask what does this mean? Eclipses set the energy for the next six months. Solar eclipses usually signify change, opportunity, and new beginnings, whereas the full lunar eclipse offers us a chance to integrate + process + look within to bring this light from within out. Top’d off with a splash of Mercury retrograde and the planet of Uranus really holding space as ‘The Great Awakener’ we are truly in for a cosmic s h i f t. During an eclipse the auric shield of the universe gets disturbed and energies from the cosmos and galactic energies ( angels + guides ) come through. This can cause disruption or just the opposite magical synchronicity. As this influx of energy is coming in, it is awakening within us that we are more than we thought we were. It’s a time a dissolving the veil and removing illusions. As we fully activate and step into our true and highest potential we are asked to share our  gifts to the world . It's the universal principle, the more you give selflessly with no expectations, the more you receive.


This week's lunar eclipse (and full moon + blood moon ) will occur in Aquarius, which is associated with the "sign of the collective consciousness”. With this full moon + mercury retrograde what are you looking to purge + detoxify from your life? Toxic relationships, energy vampires, a job that doesn’t make your heart skip two beats, family patterns that are not yours, karmic ties that you want to release? The energy of the universe is supporting this release. Know that the most powerful transformations come from self reflections and internal changes which will result in a change of your outer world. 


Live your life with love. 

Lead with love.

Be love. 

Give love.

Receive love.

You are love.

Love yourself.

Love others.

Love selflessly. 

Love unconditionally.

Serve with love.

Shed your layers. 



Expansion comes through the heart. 

Look within to expand your outer world.

Step into the realm of the infinite dear galactic ones.

me t a m o r o h o s i s


Full moon bath ritual

Gather some of your favorite crystalz ~ black onyx or black tourmaline + red carnelian + tiger eye + amethyst (if you don't have all of these use what you have ) a splash of almond oil + frankincense + citrus + dried rose petals ( or fresh ) + 1 cup epsom salt + 1/2 cup baking soda. Send white light and love to the water setting a prayer and an intention for what you are cleansing away holding your hands over the water. 

Before you step in the bath set your intention of what you are releasing along with what you are bringing in. Write  this down on brown paper and bring with you. Take a bath on or before the full moon, light candles burn incense, play soft music,  whatever atmosphere you want to create make it as magical as you feel called to. Take a bath visualizing a release of what you are letting go of, for ten minutes and then visualize what you are calling in. Hold the feeling that this brings to you. When you are done with the bath, state ‘ I send this water back to Mother Earth with harm to no one ‘ ~ and it is so.  Take the brown paper and burn it in a shell or cauldron and let your angels do the rest. 


Moon Mantra

I choose my own free will, through this and any lifetime, and through all layers of my entire being, to approach the shadows within with love, gentleness, light and determination. I choose to confront and release the fears holding me back from the fulfillment of my divine potential. I wish to embrace daring divine rebirth. I am willing to let go of who I have believed myself to be, to discover and unveil more of who I truly am! Through divine empowerment and unconditional love, so be it. 

with love to all.

in service to love.

in service to the divine feminine wisdom evolving through humanity at this time, so be it.


rox + star


dedicated love to my beacon of light star, who is turning 5 months young, born on March 1st on the full moon.

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