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Lions Gate Portal Activation {8.8.18}

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I’m sure everyone has been feeling this immense amount of energy coming through and no it is not your cacao mushroom superfood elixir - even tho we love you Four Sigmatic. We are close to the end of our trifecta trio series of ‘eclipse season’ and today, August 8th marks the Lion’s  Gate Portal. For some of us having five planets in retrograde has felt like an energetic activation and for others this energy may feel like a tsunami coming through your living room. Some may be feeling  restlessness, insomnia or just the opposite and feel a surge of energy coming through your body, with having tremendous amounts of downloads and inspiration.  However you are experiencing this energy, open yourself and allow yourself to receive, as we are in for a cosmic s h i f t . The final solar eclipse is this Saturday just days after this event where we will truly have a transformational affect that will last for the remaining of the year. You may have been noticing more synchronicities happening as you think of something it will just show up.


In astrology, each year, our sun, the earth, and star Sirius align with the pyramids of Giza to open up a special window of intense energy that changes how we look at ourselves and the world. This portal opened on the last full moon on July 26th and ends on August 11th new moon in Leo. What this energy is guiding us to do is align with our path and purpose, and help our community wake up, rise and activate together. Ask yourself ‘what is my purpose’. If you are in a profession that doesn’t support your purpose, it’s a time to realign.  If you are not willing to take this step know that the universe will definitely push you in another direction if it already hasn't done so.  Retrograde season is nothing to freak out about. It’s only when you don’t take the time to slow down to see what is serving you and what is not that you will feel rattled. A constant cycle of purge, death, rebirth, + empowerment, repeat..... purge, death, rebirth empowerment.  Know that we all chose to come back at this time, to clear any karmic ties from our lineage of our ancestors, heal ourselves, heal humanity + collectively heal Mother Earth. We have never seen the movement that is taking place now in our time. It is supported by the strongest universal principle and energy of LOVE. The love-elution is NOW.


In numerology this year also signifies 2+ 0 +1+8 =11 , which is our master year. A year where everything flows. August being a "1" vibration and the eclipse occurring on the 11th, there is a powerful manifestation of new beginnings through the numerology of 11-1-11. It’s an age of aligning your energy not hustling.

11-11 is a sign of awakening and ascension, which is in alignment with the planet Mercury 'The Great Awakener' . Also this 11-1-11 energy correlates closely to twin flames and soul relationships because of the individual nature of the numbers coming together.


So what we are being asked to do is lead our lives through our heart space, but to do this our hearts must be open as a collective. We are here to heal each other, rise together, support each other, + uplift one another other.  As a collective we are feeling a rise in our consciousness and awareness about life. There is a saying, the longest journey is from your head to your heart.  Your heart center is your power center and connection to your true and highest potential. So get out of your head, and get out of your own way. Surrender. Heal. Let go. Forgive. Embrace the change. Step into your true potential.


It’s a time when we will be embodied by the Lion’s Gate Portal and Venus trine Mars to get in touch with who we really are at our core, and feel courage and letting go of the rules of society. It’s a time of breaking social norms and conditioning. Aquarius is about breaking free from conformity to live with authenticity which is the energy the Portal will be exuding.


Know that you are meant for greatness. 


Know that life is about the journey and the journey is the destination. Enjoy the journey.


I end all my moon circles with a quote by Rumi and this one is my absolute favorite. 


‘ you were born with potential. you were born with goodness and trust. you were born with ideals and dreams. you were born with greatness. you were born with wings. you are not meant for crawling, so don't. you have wings. learn how to use them and fly.’ ~ rumi


If you are interested in learning more and the New moon in Leo I will be hosting a reiki infused sound bath moon circle this Saturday  8.11.18 from 6-8 p.m., check out our workshops tab for more info.


MANTRA:  ‘ I am filled by the endless golden grace of the Lions portal as this divine energy shines her love and generosity through me into the world.’ 


with love.

in service to love.

in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding at this time.

so be it.

roxy + star


art by my sister + beautiful cosmic beacon of light, Charlotte Victoria.

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