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What is the healing power of sound?

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‘ if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.’ ~ nikola tesla 

Yes Mr. Tesla you were  onto something EPIC as we as a collective are raising the frequency of the planet at such an imperative time in history.

Over the past couple of years, i have loved seeing the medicine of sound healing really shift and raise the frequency of our our planet. It is not just looked at as fad, or something that is super relaxing, people are receiving deep healing and great shifts are taking place in many peoples lives from the healing power of sound.

Chances are, however, you’ve been finding it on your radar more and more. Whether it’s called a sound bath, ceremony or sound healing, it is an excellent addition to your self-care practice, energy clearing, to bring you peace clarity and zen.

I’ve experienced the relaxation and rejuvenation benefits of the cleansing frequencies of my alchemy crystal bowls i integrate in my teaching practice. In this post I wanted to share the benefits of having a regular sound healing practice in your routine to truly know that the healing benefits are soo beneficial on an energetic + cellular level.

Sound healing is truly an ancient practice.

Vibrational sound healing and the use of sound waves have been used by cultures globally for thousands of years. While the delivery of sound healing has come from many instruments – bowls, bells, drums, chants, gongs, the didgeridoo, and more – the results are the same: the use of vibration to re-balance and heal to bring the energetic field known as the chakra system back into balance.  

Think about it. Have you ever been moved by a piece of music, creating a flooding sensation or goosebumps throughout your body? That’s the impact of sound. By reviving ancient sound healing therapies, we’re able to take the wisdom from diverse cultures worldwide and apply it.  We don’t only offer one type of sound practice. We invite you to try everything from crystal bowl healing to chanting, to Tibetan sound healing journeys which are all now virtual and can be listened to from the comfort of your own home.

Dis-harmony in the energetic field leads to dis-ease which in turn becomes disease. The sound is able to move through the body to release stagnation, blockages, and bring your 'energy field' into balance. Of course this is just half of it, the second part is to recognize what thought patterns and you are holding which in turn is creating these blockages. If shifts in your thoughts, feelings, emotions are not made from within you will easily go back into creating blockages in your energy field. 

Crystaline frequency

The sound of crystal bowls being played can be overwhelming – in an amazing way! As the volume escalates, the vibration deepens through you, often delivering an immediate shift. Whether you’re aware of it or not, your body is silently humming its own tune 24/7. If it’s out of alignment, it’s a subtle shift that you may not be aware of. Sound healing offers a great bio-hack to upgrade your frequency.

Many of our practitioners play alchemy crystal bowls which are  made of pure clear quartz, infused with different crystals to magnify and focus on a specific intention for energetic clearing. Crystals are known for its ability to cleanse and revitalize, and raise ones vibration. At CM, our practitioners are truly magick and have the most unique diversity of sound offerings. Once you take any sound healing class things start to shift in your life and this is a result of the beautiful sacred container the practioners are able to hold through sound + energy healing which magnified the effects of the sound healing . 

Studies have shown that the vibrational depth of sound healing instruments impact the nervous, circulatory and digestive systems, as well as assisting in getting you into a highly meditative state. Every cell in your body responds to the sound. 

Open & Engage

Sound healing is tremendously relaxing, opening up the receptivity of your body for restoration and rejuvenation. In theory, it’s a passive class, as you’ll generally lie down and be guided into meditative breathing for most of our sessions. On a cellular level, however, every cell in your body is engaged in the experience. And the best news? Unlike other meditation practices, if you fall asleep in a sound bath, you’re still going to benefit. 

Remedy the Balance

Sound healing is a fantastic experience for everyone! Whether you are a meditation newbie or a yogic master, it’s beneficial. Through the power of the vibrations, results have been reported for a range of issues. These include sleep disorders, depression, anxiety, PTSD, pain management, hormone issues, and stress. It’s even being used around the world now as a cancer therapy. One of our clients reported her sugar addiction diminished after just two weeks at our studio, and I have heard countless stories of illnesses being healed, back pain going away, anxiety diminishing, improving sleep, the list goes on, and on..... . If you’re on an ascension journey, sound healing provides expansion for you.

Sound healing creates a powerful shift in stored emotions and toxins as well. We also encourage openness to allow those stirred emotions to rise and release. In my opinion, they are as crucial to your weekly routine as exfoliating your skin or sipping celery juice.

Virtual Sound Healing at Ceremony Meditation

With all that is taking place in the word with the pandemic, and the mystery of what tomorrow holds keeping a sacred practice is essential for mental well being. We have switched to a completely virtual studio and we are so excited to be able to share our offerings globally. To view class schedules and times please check the schedule for the following:

  •     Crystal singing bowls
  •     Guided gong practices
  •     Tuning forks
  •      Tibetan sound healing
  •     Vocal sound therapy
  •     New or full moon intention ceremonies

We also add special workshops regularly to complement our schedule, many of which also incorporate sound healing. 

Stay connected with us follow us on instagram @ceremonymeditation for our daily FREE LIVE classes and keep up to date with this schedule and our community news on our Facebook page.

With love,in service to love.


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