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Harvest full moon in Aries, a time to celebrate.

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September 24th marked the Harvest full moon in Aries.   


What an amazing full moon ceremony we held with a beautiful group of souls with the community at Alo yoga in Santa Monica with my beloved Travis while Susy the copper Vessel was anchoring in the energy at Ceremony Meditation holding an Full moon Reiki infused full moon ceremony as well. Still vibrating from the iced matcha hemp latte and reiki infused breathwork, full moon sound bath ceremony - say that fast three times. 


It’s that time of moon, the harvest full moon in Aries, which is such an auspicious time  right now. Now is a time to look back at the journey and say thank you. Death + rebirth,  brings new beginnings. Aries is the first sign in the zodiac which is about moving forward, and not looking back. 

say thank you for the journey. 

thank you for the lessons.

thank you for the highs.

thank you for the lows.

thank you for the challenges.

the challenges we go through are our biggest catalyst for growth + change.

thank you for the growth.

thank you for the change.

thank yourself for doing the work to get here.

so say thank you for it all.


Full moons allow us to purge and release things from our lives, to create space for what we wish to have come through. The veils between the worlds are thinnest around a full Moon, so be very clear on what you are releasing along what you invite in.The light of the sun throws a spotlight on our subconscious and our shadows, which may feel uncomfortable as the Sun literally blasts out this energy for us to face it fully. When we bring light to our shadows we take away the power it has over us. Allow yourself to transmute any pain into power.


shed your skin, all the layers that are no longer who you are now. it’s an old outfit that doesn’t fit you anymore. you have healed, you have evolved , you have grown, you have changed, metamorphosis, you are reborn. 


The card that was pulled from our ‘moon deck’ oracle cards for ceremony was   ‘ I trust the mystery of my life.’ Let go of what is comfortable to step into the unknown. It’s okay to not know what is on the other side. Surrendering to the mystery of life and fully trusting the universe knowing that she will guide you to in the direction of your destiny. Now is a time of living our destiny, aligning energetically. 

know that you are supported.

know that you are being divinely guided.


trust the timing of your life. 


trust with love.





So now is a time to harvest + gather all the knowledge, wisdom, and experiences and what you’ve worked to get to the point you are at now and use it.

you are ready.


now is the time.  


allow yourself to shine your love.

shine your light.

for in doing so you will allow others to do the same. 



Run from what's comfortable.

Forget safety.

Live where you fear to live.

Destroy your reputation.

Be notorious. ‘

 ~ rumi


Activation bathing ritual.

Items needed  :

Crystal quartz 

White roses or white daisys 

White howlite 

Black obsidian 

One cup of epson salt 

One cup of baking soda 

7 drops  Essential oils rose or jasmine 

2-3 table spoons of carrier oil- coconut



Mix in all items in a bath tub. Hold your palms over the crystals, roses,  epson salt, oil, and say aloud ‘ I invite in 100% white light to purify and cleanse any incorrect or negative energy ‘close your eyes visualizing a gold stream or liquid white light  down from your crown chakra into your hands ... do this for several minutes and proceed to draw the bath water. Do the same mantra as you are filling the bath tub  invite in 100% white light to purify and cleanse any incorrect or negative energy.. bathe for as long as you feel called imagining the weight of any heavy energy melting off of you, and releasing any thing that is no longer serving you. Visualize this as you meditate in the bath tub as long as you feel called to. Imagining what you are calling in, envisioning it happening n o w. Connect with the feeling this brings you. When you are done with your bath hold your hands over the bath water stating ‘ I release this water back to the universe with harm to no one.’ 



with love.

in service to love.

in service to the great divine plan of love unfolding at this time.

and it is so. 

and so it is.


rox  + star + travis

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