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Full Moon Lunar Eclipse of the heart

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this Sunday January 20th is a Lunar eclipse ( of the heart ) in the sign of Leo  at 9:16 pm.


during a lunar eclipse, the earth falls in between the moon and the sun. the intense energy from this lunar eclipse full moon is a time to release, create space, and to cut energetic cords from the past to create space for the new. This energy will continue to integrate over the course of the next 6+ months.


this lunar eclipse in Leo is connected to the solar eclipse in Leo which occurred last August 2018, do you remember the trifecta of eclipses that took place that summer?  did it rock your boat ? if so, that’s great that’s what brings about change.  allow yourself to embrace your shadow self and look within and ask what has been blocking you from manifesting your deepest desires. as you look within allow these energies to come up to the surface, as you bring light to your shadows it releases the power it once held over you and allows the universe to break through any barriers to release what’s holding you back from stepping into your true self.


it’s time to embrace your strength, power, wisdom. as you embrace your power you allow others to do the same.  as a collective consciousness we are united as one. as you allow yourself to discover your gifts, your talents, and live a life of passion + purpose and you hold space and activate others to do the same. as we all shine our light as a collective, and raise our vibration we raise the frequency of Mother Earth. allow this lunar eclipse to bring out the parts of your personality which you are afraid to show to those around you. let go of the fear of rejection, know that fear is an illusion and only love is real . love yourself unconditionally, and you will attract just this. 

Allow this year to fully step into your authentic self. align energetically with those who are on your frequency.  Leave relationships that are not serving you. Quit the job that doesn't feed your soul. Live a life of purpose. Surrender to the universe, and the universe will support you. Share your uniqueness with the world.

BE-UTIFUL. Be U, you are beautiful.

And it is so, and so it is.

‘ a candle looses none of its light by lighting another.’ ~ rumi 




Join the ceremony tribe of light as we create space for a reiki infused full moon + breathwork ceremony at @aloyoga Beverly Hills this Tuesday January 22nd from 7-9 

+ full moon lunar eclipse ceremony Sunday January 20th @ ceremonymeditation which is SOLD OUT with @thecoppervessel

+ @lapeerhotel WEHO january 18th from 6-8 pm for clearing healing and expansion. We will also have chakra intuitive readings by @br_tobias + cryo facialz with @cryosoul 

trust the journey.


mantra: i choose my own free will, through this and any lifetime, and through all layers of my entire being, to release any inhibition of my voice, truths or  expressions. i give myself absolute permission to express my truths. i express myself in all ways from my authentic center, and the healing will of the divine can emanate through my thoughts and my words for the greatest good. through divine empowerment and unconditional love, so be it.

( message from the crystal mandala oracle deck by Alana Fairchild )

art by: Giuliana

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