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Finding your center, through the healing frequency of sound

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Vibrational sound healing and the use of sound waves have been used by cultures globally for thousands of years. While the delivery of sound healing has come from many instruments – crystal sound bowls, bells, drums, chants, gongs, Tibetan sound bowls the didgeridoo, and more – the results are the same: the use of vibration to re-balance and heal to bring the energetic field known as the chakra system and endocrine back into balance.

The alchemy crystal bowls which are made of pure clear quartz, infused with gemstones which hold the properties of various crystals to magnify the healing property for energetic clearing. Crystals are known for its ability to cleanse and revitalize, and raise ones vibration, and each time the bowls play they will sound differently as they will tune to the need of the audience.

Dis-harmony in the energetic field known as the chakra system leads to dis-ease which in turn becomes disease. The sound is able to move through the body to release stagnation, blockages, and bring your 'energy field' into balance. Of course this is just half of removing the blockage in your energy field. The second part in healing is to recognize what thought patterns or unresolved emotions you are holding onto that is creating this blockage. If shifts in your thoughts, feelings, and emotions are not made from within you will easily go back into creating blockages in your energy field which will in turn become dis•ease.


Find your center as allow 432HZ frequency + crystalline energy allows you to reduce your brain waves from beta to alpha and theta, in which here your bodies autonomic nervous system turns on which is the bodies natural ability to heal. In this state of ‘being ‘ we access our subconscious mind which is the driver to our space ship ( body ). Here is where we can release old traumas - feelings- emotions- to city stored in our subconscious .  Here is where we can re- program our subconscious finding a state of balance, peace, being. 

Sound is pure  magick and I invite you to take a deep dive to learn more about how to create, perform ritual,  heal, connect to different dimensions, connect with ancestors and so much more through the various types of sounds and frequencies. 

Join us as we take a deep dive into sound with our Sound Healing Weekend Workshop weekend with myself + @dr._sada November 7th + 8th. Visit @ceremonymeditation link below to see more.



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