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Evolving + Expanding with the Gemini New Moon

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The new moon in Gemini occurs on June 3rd at 3:02 AM PT,  in the sign of  Gemini at 12 degrees. During this time we set intentions for the next 29 days until the next cycle of what we are looking to create in our life, along with taking a moment to acknowledge all the changes since the last moon cycle. 

Gemini is the communicator of the zodiac, she is the networker, the researcher, the social butterfly always digging deep for truth always. She digs deep to find the truth this is an endless journey for discovery and rediscovery. She is ruled by mercury, and air her energy works in the ether and is about motion and moving forward. She is quantum, she is infinite, she is endless.


What this moon is asking us to do is stand in front of a mirror to see our reflection, and ask ' am i true to my authentic self'. Now is a time to evaluate every facet of our life from spirituality, self practice, nutrition, relationships, family, the list can go on and on...  Here we can ask the question of what is my purpose and am I living in accordance with my purpose and highest excitement. If you are not sure what is your purpose turn within to ask yourself 'what is my highest excitement'. From here you can take the journey to do more of what makes your heart sing. It is not a place to judge whether you are on track or not, surrender and allow yourself to dig deep and take steps to align your path to live your truth. 


As the communicator of the zodiac this moon asks us to reflect deeply and look at our communication beyond our words. What energy are you giving out ? Ask yourself is everything aligned in my life according to my values. Is what you think and feel, what you express?   If not create the picture of what your ideal self living authentically would look like. Next take measurable goals to get there, whether you are committed to 20% a month to get there or allowing yourself a certain time frame to achieve your authentic self. Its very easy to paint this perfect picture of where we would like to be, however taking measurable steps to get there is the beautiful journey. Everyone’s zodiac sign is different and depending on your rising and your moon fall in your chart and the alchemy that this creates the essence of what makes you so unique. Based on your planetary alignment and your sign affects how you show up in this world. With this moon we can create space to bridge the gap to bring in alignment to what we think, feel, say, do, how we nourish our body,  to bring balance in your life. 


Also Gemini reminds us that we as a community are here to support one other and that community helps us to see our reflections in others. From the beautiful the ugly the good and bad and know that from this place of reflection we see ourselves in others. Also with social media and the internet it is a double edged sword in which it has allowed us to exchange wisdom, create businesses, connect but the duality the yang to the yin of this is that it can make our society so disconnected, alone, unhappy, consumed in what’s not real, comparing yourself to others, and depressed. This is where community, soul tribe, and in-person heart to heart interaction can allow us to feel connected and unite. Take the good from what social media has allowed us to explore, learn and share yet taking time to disconnect so that you can connect to one another and to mother nature.


Ceremony has created  ‘ Conscious community dinner gathering’ to do just this and bring together community to have dinner with cooking with OM who provides a nourishing plant based aruveydic cuisine. This center is a community +  wellness center bringing a space for  self practice, deep connections,  relationships, + soul tribe has reunited  in this the community. This gathering was created to bring community together to connect outside of our classes. Our next gathering will be next Friday on June 14th, 2019, link below for more info.


On this new moon allow yourself to create. Instead of writing your intentions down, create art. Take your non dominant ( or left hand ) and paint a picture for 10-20 minutes. See what comes through. This will allow your right side of the brain your creative side to open up. Do this for 21 days to really allow your creative side to expand.


Remember that now is a time of creating new social norms and this only comes from a place of the heart space, authenticity, and truth. Take this time to self reflect - realign - center and live and speak your truth. Change will always be the constant in our life. Big shifts take place when we take time to self-reflect to make changes from within.

message that came through from the crystal mandala oracle deck is storm wisdom.

we bring you the gift of storm wisdom. this is the fierce and cleansing nature of divine compassion made manifest in the world. storm wisdom thrills the spirit, for it understands that so much benefit and liberation will come from the process; yet the mind may quake at the prospect of such little control over how your life events are unfolding for a time. what is happening during an experience of storm wisdom is that anything that has become stagnant or obstructing to your spiritual growth will be uprooted. you may find that the divine storm of transformation powering through your life creates a feeling of upheaval, creative chaos, uncertainty and excitement. you may feel simultaneously liberated and exhilarated, whilst also wondering if everything is going to be okay. you must remember that you will only be asked to give up something in order to receive that which is far more beautiful and supportive of your sacred life journey. you must also remember that the cleansing power of the storm will revitalize you, bring you fresh energy and perspective to take forward in your journey and is a divine blessing which will only bring good into your life.



art by: @ododua.aum

photo by: @lawsthatattract  

 chef: @cookingwithom

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