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Energy medicine + sound healing

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Over the past several years, I have loved seeing the growing use of energy medicine + sound healing as a natural holistic healing modality. We are made up of sound, light, and frequency and the universe itself and everything in it is in a constant state of vibration.


There is a harmony throughout the cosmos and even the planets emit their own unique sounds. Each planet in the solar system vibrates at its own frequency and creates the ‘music of the spheres’. Each planet per se has its own ‘ tone’. The entire universe is made up of vibrating strings of energy. We are starting to see a shift as the collective + the world of holistic healing in using  sound with cancer patients, autistic children, elderly,  depression, and the list continuous. People are receiving deep levels of healing and great shifts take place  from the healing power of sound however there is also much more uses to sound is a robust technology that we are just tapping the surface of.


Many ancient cultures around the world worshiped sound, because sound was said to be divine in origin.


Sound healing is truly an ancient practice and has this incredible power to heal the energy body.


I’ve witnessed shifts in people’s lives take place, along with energetic clearing, healing, expansion, changes in careers, healing heart break,dissolving stress, improving sleep, receiving clarity, connection with guides + ancestors, time travel to different dimension and portals, revelations - I could go on for days on the powerful shifts I’ve experienced in my students - see below .

I have personally witnessed healing in:

-sleep disorders

- depression

- anxiety


- pain management

- hormone issues


- back pain

- anxiety diminishes

- cancer recovery

- heart break

- releasing stored toxins in the body


The alchemy crystal bowls which are  made of pure clear quartz, infused with gemstones which hold the properties of various  crystals to magnify the healing property for energetic clearing. Crystals are known for its ability to cleanse and revitalize, and raise ones vibration, and each time the bowls play they will sound differently as they will tune to the need of the person.


If you are looking to take a deep dive into learning more about sound healing and facilitating rituals, ceremonies and healings join Roxy Ghoraishy + Dr. Sada Simran November 7th + 8th as they  teach on holding a sacred space through sound. Space is limited to 11 so register in advance to reserve your spot. This is Module 5 of the teacher training program and open to all beautiful souls who are feeling this call to integrate deeply. 

See link below to her more info:

With love in service to love.

Dr Sada + Roxy


‘ let the beauty of what you love be what you do.’

~ rumi 


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