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death + rebirth, a time of change.....

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death + rebirth

as souls we are always looking for our next phase of evolution, but we hold onto safety. why?
the universe has her way of guiding us, so why would you not believe that everything that is happening right now is not an essence of the divine and part of a purification process. it is a necessary step before that of rebirth.

may we recognize the great teacher of the universe Mother Earth. for she teaches us about seasons and cycles, and that each season prepares us for the next one to follow, and every season is divine.
we must understand that without death there is no rebirth, there is no change. the old must die first, the old self, the old stories, the old paradigm, old programs, old conditioning, all that is not in resonance for a bigger frequency and for your expansion, and evolution. we are all here to EVOLVE not stay complacent or the same.

may we learn to celebrate death and what it represents. for this is the contraction process which is a time of going inward to move through our shadows and ancestral healing. expansion, is always followed after a period of contraction. may we learn to lean into the darkness, to stand in the wild unknown, to take risks, be bold, and evolve into leaders of this new earth.

you were born with greatness, passion, purpose and a beautiful unique essence of your souls blueprint in which the world needs your light, so stop dining your light.
allow yourself to flow with the tides of change and trust the process. the cosmic storm is one of purification, either you recognize this or you don’t and that’s okay.

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