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Beltane + New Moon in Taurus synergy

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every new moon is special as we use this energy to manifest and set intentions till the next new moon cycle over the course of the next 28 days which brings with it stability + growth. today marks the new moon in Taurus ♉️ which occurs close to May 1st, the holiday of Beltane or May Day representing the sacred marriage of God + Goddess the union of earth + sky. This is the midpoint between spring and summer, a time of fertility, abundance, blossom, and warmth.

This holiday is about fertility, fire and love. It’s about celebrating the coming together of those who love, individuals, families, tribe, community, and couples.

the new Moon in Taurus, is a stable and steady earth sign. This is a sign that’s all about pleasure, and indulgence + being grounded. This moon allows us to look at who we are at the core and what is important to us, what makes us feel supported, what makes us feel inspired. Taurus energy is about building foundation, it’s very reliable, resourceful, and logical.

taurus ♉️ is a Venus-ruled Earth sign, which represents love. This new moon, merging with the energy of Beltane, really gives us the chance to make pleasure and embodiment our priority.


So ask yourself these questions:


Are you walking a path you love?


Are you doing what you love?


Are you surrounding yourself  in relationships that you love?


Are you in a relationship that you love? 


Do you love yourself unconditionally?


Are you treating all people with love?


What seeds are you looking to have blossom?


Where are you focusing your attention on?


Answer these questions with honesty.


What you focus on grows.


take time for self care, self love practice and time to nourish yourself. you will never attract what you don’t give yourself first. stay in your heart. 

 Know that the most important relationship that you have is the one with thyself.

And it is so, and so it is. AHO.


Self love bathing ritual

Items needed  :

Green aventurine + Rose quartz or malachite

Red Roses

One cup of epson salt 

One cup of baking soda 

7 drops  organic rose essential oil 

2-3 table spoons of carrier oil organic coconut or almond oil


White candle


Light your incense, candle and play soft music. Mix in all items in a bath tub, and hold your palms over the crystals, roses, salt, oil, and say aloud ‘ I invite in 100% white light to purify and cleanse any energy that is not of the highest vibration and love and light ‘close your eyes visualizing a gold stream of  liquid white light pouring down from your crown chakra into your hands . do this for several minutes and proceed to draw the bath water. Do the same mantra as you are filling the bath tub  invite in 100% white light to purify and cleanse any incorrect or negative energy.. Bathe for thirty minutes or longer, meditate in the tub. Light incense or play soft music, whatever helps you drop into a peaceful state. Imagine any heavy energy melting off of you, and releasing any thing that is not serving you sending it out through your feet back to mother earth. Visualize this as you meditate in the bath tub. Imagining what you are calling in, envisioning it happening n o w, it is already here. Connect with the feeling this brings you and meditate with this. Imagine white light pouring down our body from your crown chakra and bringing this light all throughout your body. Give gratitude for your manifestations as they are here n o w .  When you are done with your bath hold your hands over the bath water stating ‘ I release this water back to the universe with harm to no one.’ State your intentions out loud giving gratitude for the blessings, and it it with and it is so, and so it is. 

happy meditating.

' i have been a seeker

and i still am.

but i stopped

asking the books

and the stars.

i started listening

to the teaching

of my soul.' - rumi


art by @ododua.aum

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