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This Aries moon is allowing you connect with your inner goddess of light, to level up and stop playing small. This moon brought light deep within our shadows, any old stories programmed within our inner child. 

The energy of the full moon allows us to release, and clear away any energetic blocks for us to manifest our dreams. This Aries moon reminds us that were each here in this lifetime with a sacred soul path and purpose to known as ‘dharma’.

It’s a time to recognize what external blocks are preventing us from pursuing our sacred mission. What old stories are you telling yourself? What childhood patterns or conditioning are you subconsciously playing in your mind? Allow yourself to recognize that your soul chose every experience for our e-love-ution ( yes that is now a word). We are all here to evolve, to expand, to fulfill a destiny and purpose much bigger than you could ever imagine.  The journey starts with a single step and an affirmation that you are ready.


Pluto in Capricorn squaring the moon in Aries reveals what is holding us back from pursuing our life‘s purpose. Life is a journey and walking a path of purpose and truth is part of this mission.  Allow yourself to see what is holding you back from living a life of  purpose. Is it lack of education, direction, clarity, false story that abundance is difficult to create or even a perfectionism tendency? The first step to changing the story is to recognize which story you are telling yourself.


I ask you to honor abundance and richness in your life. Not from a place of money ( which is really just paper) but on a deeper  level of the richness of your relationship with self, with others, health, happiness, what makes your heart full and all the many things in our life that fill your cup and sit in a place of gratitude from here. Know that abundance and richness comes from within and should be unattached to the external let alone 'just money'. Remember that abundance and richness is just an energetic frequency. From this place of deep fulfillment within we tap into the universal flow of everything. You can discover when you are in alignment with your purpose when you wake up everyday excited to ‘play’, not  work.  Ask yourself what game do you want to play? Connecting with that essence of your inner child will guide the way.

This weekend represented rebirth and stepping into ones power with confidence and remembrance of who you are at our souls core essence- which is divine and infinite. 

Grateful for this sacred community, this sacred practice, and this sacred ritual called ceremony. 

May your heart be open, full, and free. 

 Liberation comes from free self expression.

' you were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life? ' -rumi

 A warm HUGE THANK YOU to our graduating class of Teacher training 2019 who helped co-facilitate the most magical event, with tibetan sound bowls, ocean drums, breathwork  as i send my love + gratitude to LJ, Anne Marie, Jules, Bryan, Anglea, Karen + Aurea. Dreamwork makes the teamwork.



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