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an invitation to your soul, to go within

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at times we have to
walk away from it
all to truly find

to re-treat.

to go within.

to disconnect
to re-connect

to create space
to allow for a

a unity with spirit.

i invite you on a journey of self discovery, to connect with the essence of your soul and to connect with nature. if you quite your mind enough sacred land will speak to you. the power of the vortexes will ignite you on you path and purify any frequencies that are not in alignment.

surrender to the mystery of the unknown for this is where great magick takes place.

a coming home to self.


community .



remember who you
are said the whisper
of your soul, you
never forgot.

Join Roxy on this Winter Solstice from December 18-22 nd for a Light Code Activating sacred retreat in Sedona for a mystical connection to this magical land as we connect to her powerful energies. Space is limited and we are half way sold out.

Visit our website to register @ceremonymeditation

Link below.


With love, in service to love.

cosmic art by @tailored.art
📸 by @__renee.la

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